Zac903 12/17/18
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Eco-Drive Mechanism unreliable

This is my second Eco-Drive watch. SkyHawk and Nighthawk. The Nighthawk I stored in a box while I moved. When I opened the box two months later the Eco-Drive system had stopped working. Citizen told me it could not be repaired. Once dead it was dead forever. My fault, but I did not expect this to happen. The SkyHawk (the Blue Angels model) i purchased as a gift. It was working at the time of purchase. I left the watch in a sunlit room for about 3 weeks, prior to the event. When I went to give the watch it stopped working. I took it to the store and was told the same thing citizen told me before. Once dead always dead. No fix. Stay away.

Ecodrive 10/13/18
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Poor Finish Durability

Have now bought two different models from the Blue Angels editions - just purchased this model a week ago. I was disappointed to see the blue finish on the outer bezel of the last Blue Angels wore off so quickly. Wore this one at my desk for exactly one day and the finish has already worn off the edge of the outer bezel (blue finished ring.) Silver underneath shines through now. This finish is a key part of the colour theme of the series. I would expect it to stand up better like the black finish of many of your other watches. My first EcoDrive is over 10 years old and is still running great. I own 15 EcoDrives now and probable buy three of these for any other brand I buy. But I will never buy another Blue Angels edition.