Bond 05/27/23
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I wear to work everyday and i'm a semi mechanic And it doesn't get in the way and it doesn't scratch up really easy very durable very tough

Tomnz 04/21/22
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Different, a good heavy piece, beware the bracelet

The turning N.E.W.S. ring is quite fun, but a little awkward to access. the manual describes some extremely cool math you're able to use it for which I hadnt realised (downloaded on this page). The date magnification is also a great feature, i wish there was more implementation of this. Glow in the dark is spectacular, @Citizen some good night images is a great undocumented selling point! Everything inside the watch face is perfect, the band however I'm not pleased with, and this is reflected in the average rating for a high quality timepiece. I had rather hoped this would be a long term favourite, but I am not sure it will be now that I have it. bj7144-52l arrived today and it does appear just like the advertised images, however i wish there were many more realistic images available, so posting this one. The image here is not showing the true size, as most phone camera pictures distort the relative size. It is not a large watch, but it is quite bold/chunky. In this photo it gives the appearance of a 54mm watch, but its a medium size 44mm. Something I didnt realise is that it does not use a standard 22mm type band connection pin, more like a 8/9mm join spring pin, so there are extremely limited or virtually no options for replacing the rather chunky band with a leather one. I also need to be very careful putting on and taking off the watch as the catch is sharp, and scratches like a dull razor over the thumb. The steel bracelet is a little tricky to shorten, I took out one link and also adjusted by the catch for a half size with a paper clip and small pliers. Overall, a solid watch, great blue and gold design, a fun spinning direction dial, but only with a hair pulling SSteel only band.