Keith P. 05/02/24
Verified Buyer
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Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison Watch: A Timepiece of Precision and Style

The Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison watch is a remarkable blend of military precision and contemporary design. Its accuracy is unparalleled, staying true to Citizen’s reputation for reliability. The watch’s military style exudes a rugged charm that is both functional and fashionable. The Eco-Drive technology ensures that the watch is always charged, harnessing the power of light for an eco-friendly energy source. Overall, the Garrison model is a testament to Citizen’s commitment to excellence, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate accuracy, style, and sustainability. A truly satisfying timepiece for everyday wear.

Brenton 04/24/24
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Good every day watch

I like the look of the watch. Been wearing it 5/6 days a week for about a year. Keeps time well--I think I'm only gaining ~8 seconds per month. The black face and steel body are nondescript enough that it works as a nicer office watch or a sports watch. I replaced the straps with a trio of NATO straps that I can swap out to change feel/match my work shirt (I got a black, a green, and a red/white/blue). A few quibbles: 1) second hand alignment is pretty poor. Misses its marks by a considerable amount across most of the face (like, falls halfway between the second/minute markers for a good portion of the face) 2) lume is great looking and very bright, but it fades pretty fast 3) I wish the minute and hour hands were just a little longer. This one is personal preference. Overall, it's a great watch that keeps good time, hasn't given me any trouble, and can be worn virtually every day. I recommend it, as long as the 3 caveats mentioned above don't bother you too much.

Rafe1230 04/17/24
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One of my favorites

I've had the watch several years, maybe 10??? I have at least 10 watches (including this one that I bought for $100, that's how long I've had it). This one sat in a drawer for several months. Forgot it was there. When I found it, it was dead. I sat it in my window and forgot about it. Found it last week. Been wearing it ever since. Set it to the Atomic clock. Hasn't missed a second.

Charlie 04/14/24
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Favorite watch

This was my first over $100 watch. I do a lot of outdoorsy activities. And I wanted a watch that was durable, and I wouldn't have to ever worry about it running out of battery or if I didn't wear it for 3 days. It's light, comfortable. I've had it 6 months and it looks brand new. I keep looking at other watches. Especially for nicer looking events, but I really just like this one. There's nothing I don't like about it.