EO 06/30/24
Verified Buyer
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Good watch, stiff band

The watch itself seems very well made and is running nicely. The glow in the dark feature worked from day one for me, and it has been keeping time well. The band is as bad as the other reviewer's mention. I have really small wrists, and this field watch is one of the few I found that would fit. While the small size is right for me, the band itself is lined with some stiff fake leather. (Watch face says made in Japan on the back, but the band says made in China.) On a cheaper watch I would not have a problem with his, but for the price, a nicer band would make sense.

Brenton 04/24/24
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Good every day watch

I like the look of the watch. Been wearing it 5/6 days a week for about a year. Keeps time well--I think I'm only gaining ~8 seconds per month. The black face and steel body are nondescript enough that it works as a nicer office watch or a sports watch. I replaced the straps with a trio of NATO straps that I can swap out to change feel/match my work shirt (I got a black, a green, and a red/white/blue). A few quibbles: 1) second hand alignment is pretty poor. Misses its marks by a considerable amount across most of the face (like, falls halfway between the second/minute markers for a good portion of the face) 2) lume is great looking and very bright, but it fades pretty fast 3) I wish the minute and hour hands were just a little longer. This one is personal preference. Overall, it's a great watch that keeps good time, hasn't given me any trouble, and can be worn virtually every day. I recommend it, as long as the 3 caveats mentioned above don't bother you too much.

Gallery90 11/11/23
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Great Watch on the Job or Around the House

My actual rating would be 4.5 -- Only because of the unsat wrist band. I regularly rotate four Citizen watches: Two with the legendary F150 (GPS) movement, one Promaster Skyhawk Titanium, and this Chandler. One you replace the "stylish" but stock clunky wrist band with a good quality NATO style band (i.e. Barton), you've got a smaller, thinner watch that keeps good time and doesn't get in the way. A NATO band gives you the security of two spring bars, so the likelihood of loosing it is pretty low. This is the watch I wear working in the yard, pounding nails, paddling my kayak, etc. There is definitely no bling to this watch, which is one of the main reasons I like it -- nothing that visually gets in the way of telling time.

Owen1 08/13/23
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Why is my date indicator in Spanish?

Like the watch: however, I would prefer the day indication in English rather than Spanish. I don't speak Spanish. I ordered the watch and have always lived in the USA. I would like to change the day indicator to English if possible.

Citizen Response Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there is a simple solution. There is a setting on your watch where the language can be changed to English. For example, rotating the crown clockwise will change the day indication. We will contact you through email to provide additional assistance. We are happy to hear that you like the watch!