Frolic 08/10/23
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Fantastic ideas take time. Citizenry is timely.

"What does a wife get for her husband's birthday? and I'm running out of time".. Yup that me talking out loud... That's right, I talk to myself while strolling through shops, shopping for 'The Gift'... About to call it a day, I check my watch knowing it quietly keeps perfect time... That's when my brain clicked in gear - 'My Citizen keeps perfect time - Eco-Drive just keeps tick-tick-tick'n'...Hey! The Husband, my sweetheart, put this totally fantastic watch on my wrist!" - I know I'm thinking the same thinking: 'where's this Gal's go'n with this review? I know, you know how memories are? Holy Merd, it's been eight (8) months, takes a minute or two, remembering and writing a true review - Woosh! Life, you live it. You watch the time, it goes slow, you live it, time goes by fast. Anyway, I realized I've stopped walking, do the check the 'Mall' compass and realize that I'm looking through a store front window displaying Men's Citizen watches. And it's registered for Certified Citizen's watch repair, and jewelry? I'm in! Huh, I swear timing is everything. Yup, you guessed it... My Husband loves his Citizen Weekender Garrison Field Watch! I actually surprised him, and he loves the watch! I love him. So, he wears the watch 24/7 for over a week, we're talking surfing; swimming, more surfing, showering etcetera, a Harley ride or three; life is good. Then, he mentions that he'd like to change out the watchband. He'd like the same but a longer strap, the Man knows what he wants (I like that) - fine by me - I've done the same thing many times. Sometime later that week, we hit the Mall, destination is the Citizen store. Okay. The store clerk helps (NOT!) as she states there's no option. WTH? There is NO other band. I was about to wind her clock, ring her bell...Oh wait a second, that was then, this is now. The main event here is to praise Citizens fine workmanship. The Men's Eco-Drive Weekender Garrison Field Watch in Stainless Steel is not only a handsome watch, but also a beauty. I highly recommend this watch. That beauty is what brought me to the site. First to leave a fun review; to let Citizen know how cool the watch is and knowing when it's time to stop wasting time. I have faith there's a watchband that fits the bezel size and my Husbands wrist size. It's been keeping time sitting in the box in-between Eco-Drive Sunbaths. Maybe I'll not find a wristband (doubtful that I won't succeed) ... I will take the time, because like a Citizen watch... I too am a Citizen, one that stays in style as style is absolutely timeless. Did I mention I love Citizen watches? The Eco-Drive just is sweet.... I almost forget a certain Taghuer - Almost. Did I forgot to mention that I just love watches. Give me hands that tell time...Lovely. Digital? Thats for the cash register - Cha-ching! Ciao for now ~

Mike 07/03/23
Verified Buyer
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Near perfect

It could come with more color options and some clear instructions in the packaging. But otherwise absolutely perfect

Himoverthere 06/28/23
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Good Everyday Watch

Had this watch for about 6 months now and I’m so glad I bought it. Perfect everyday watch, that fits all my needs. Initially I considered getting a new strap based off of other reviews I read but ended up keeping it and had no issues. Overall comfortable wear for a good price.

Samsam 05/19/23
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Super happy with this watch except the glowy stuff on mine does not work that well, at least compared to some videos I watched.