Stateofn8 11/23/20
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Beautiful watch, almost perfect except the band.

I will revise my review once my customer service request has been addressed. I purchased this watch for full price and I can confirm that the watch itself is worth every penny. You get a lot of watch for what you pay. Titanium coated case, solar powered movement, sapphire crystal, and a two-piece waterproof body. That being said, the weakest link, so to speak, is the watch band itself (the Cordura ballistic strap). I bought this watch and strap combo specifically for the look and from the reviews of its durability. However, I've been extremely disappointed with the resilience of the strap. One month in and I am already seeing that the fibers are coming loose and the threading on either side of the strap is starting to fray. Perhaps I got a defective watch strap but if this is uniform, then this is definitely an issue. I say that I would recommend this product with the caveat that I would not get the ballistic strap if this quality is uniform. Still waiting from resolution from customer service!

Paulie 01/25/20
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Nice watch Except.......

I have the Black dial & the Green dial versions. I like them both....But,there is very little Lum on the minute hand...both versions. I don’t think Citizen even knows this

Stan 03/06/19
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Good, but that buckle ...

I own several high-end automatics. I wanted a good-looking and reliable beater. The Promaster seemed to fit the bill. I’ve owned the watch for a couple of weeks. My only problem, which would stop me from buying the watch again if I had a do over, is the strap. I like how it looks and feels, and it is very sturdy. But it is too long for me and the holes are too far apart to size it comfortably. Because of the length of the strap the uncentered buckle and the second keeper pull the watch face off toward the side of my wrist. Because of the spacing between the holes (8 mm), the strap is either too tight or too loose. I “fixed” it by using a soldering gun to burn an extra hole, and a hacksaw to shorten the tail. Now it fits, but it looks like it went to war. I’ll need to spend another $40+ for a replacement strap that is 75mm X 115mm. That reduces the value proposition, and is annoying. Citizen: offer the watch with a choice of strap length, or with an adjustable deployant buckle.

Terra 01/13/20
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Nice Looking Watch

I purchased this watch at a Citizen Outlet Store. I really like the brushed finish and the olive green. As noted in other reviews, the date window is too small and difficult to read. I agree, Citizen should either get rid of the date window on this watch or make it more legible. However, not a deal breaker for myself. The stiff band has broken in a bit and is more comfortable than when first purchased. On the watch that I purchased, the second hand lines up perfectly with all the indices. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and welcome it to my modest Citizen collection.