Mofo83 03/13/24
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Excellent, Unique Watch! (But Not Perfect...)

I have been wearing this watch daily for around 6 months. I really like it a lot! It has a very unique look, quality seems VERY good for the price, comfortable strap, very legible hands (but also very fun - love that bold orange minute hand!), appreciate the screw-down crown. I do wish it had sapphire, but the raised bezel seems to do a great job of protecting the convex crystal (no scratches thus far, and I'm always looking, haha!) I know some people are afraid of the size of this watch, but it's definitely not too huge on my medium-sized wrists. It is probably near the upper limit of what I'd wear, though, so if you have very thin wrists, it may look pretty big. There are only two very slight negatives that I've found: 1. There are two band "loops/holders," one fixed in place and one "free" to move. The "free" one is too loose, so it slips around, allowing the tail-end of the band to stick out ridiculously. I assume this would not be a problem if you had much larger wrists, and the tail was much shorter, btw. Luckily it's an easy fix: I just added a THIRD loop (a black silicone one I had laying around) and it keeps that tail tightly tucked. But still... it'd be nice if it was good to go right from the factory. 2. The lume is just okay, IMHO. Now, this may be because I was wearing a Luminox before this, and that has really great lume that never fades. The Orca's lume starts off strong - and looks great with its variety of colors - but it seems to fade quicker than I expected. Not a huge deal, but it would be great if it persisted a little longer. Overall though, this is a great watch, IMHO. Check it out!

Jeffery 07/12/22
Verified Buyer
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Could have been a 5-star review!

Beautiful watch that’s a great addition to my collection. Amazing fit and finish. My only complaint is being left without the option with replacing the strap.