Topflight01 06/23/23
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Beautiful Watch With One Issue

Overall I am very happy with this watch. I have a few things I wish I could have seen more clearly in the picture, but they don't make me any less happy with it. First of all, the lume is only applied to the smallest outside portion of each baton. When you're looking at the picture, the only part that glows is the rectangle on the outermost 15% or so of each hour marking. It looks really good, I just didn't feel it was reflected in the picture. I also realized this would be an issue going in, but the bottom half of the date ring is covered occasionally. I feel the date window would have been more functional on the right where the months are; but after viewing the watch and wearing it, it looks much better with the half-moon holding the day and month indicators. The picture shows this, but there is a film covering the day and month text that helps slightly highlight the current text. The pictures don't do the watch face justice. The outer ring of the watch face, with the larger batons and minute markings, is raised above the hands of the watch and gives the watch a lot of depth. The band also plays with the light well. The "H" shaped band links have a slightly different finish than the rectangle at each connection. The fit is comfortable and I only have two things I wish I could change on this watch. First, I wish that the full moon glowed. The moon portion of the phase indicator has a little bit of texture and looks really good, I just wish it glowed at night as well. My largest issue with the watch is the adjustable clasp. My last Citizen watch was 6 years or so old and didn't have this feature, so I was really excited. The ability to expand the watch band based on how tight I want it due to swelling or hot weather is really nice. The issue is that the adjustment doesn't have its own buttons to operate the extension. Opening the clasp also stops holding the band in its current position, so I end up having to adjust the band almost daily when I put the watch on. My hope had been to have one band setting in the winter and open it up for a looser fit in the summer, but the adjustment operation is just a little too easy and becomes an annoyance. Overall this is a very pretty watch. I've been wanting a watch with a moon phase complication for a long time, and I'm very happy with my purchase. The annoyance with the band certainly isn't a deal breaker. Anyone who finds it not worth the time would be able to remove one extra link and likely wouldn't have to touch it again.

Braden 09/07/23
Verified Buyer
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Super clean, it’s sophisticated without being too flashy