Eighty 06/30/22
Verified Buyer
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Happy with watch

Great watch. Has all the functions you would require on a watch. Well made and looks great.

Loyalpatriot1776 06/09/22
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Looks great and has been reliable

I've had this watch for 2 years and it's been durable and fun to wear. I recommend!

Pm4Gis 03/25/22
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Alot packed into a small package

Had a good weight to it, but it is smaller than I imagined. The positive of this is it fits on the wrist comfortably without restricted movement of the wrist by the buttons. It is a very high quality product. Looks just as good as the images on the websites. The gold outer dial does not turn, and no idea how to use it either, so thats just decoration. Citizen I'd find a compass bearing ring much more useable on a similar model. I found most of the images of this product were not realistic, so I'm making this review to share these low quality cellphone images for a touch of realism. I found the wrist band extremely easy to adjust, having noted the review saying the contrary before purchase. I used a paperclip and small pliers, quite simple - use the arrows, push two pins out, remove the link and re-insert the pin. Stash the leftover safely. No manual came with mine, so I looked up the PDF (Citizen, please improve online support in this area for us fanboi's). The blue face is quite a dark greenish ocean aqua blue. I considered the alternative versions, thinking I could find a citizen blue or reddish leather strap which is harder than you'd expect. As another poster had mentioned, its not overly flashy but certainly not dull. The date function needs a focused glance, unlike my other citizen eco watches which have larger or black date on white backgrounds. I live outside the radio area, but not bothered and recall someone had a work around on the internet. Overall if you can get a reasonable price, I would recommend it as a great daily watch for work or otherwise. I had to buy online as local stores asked unrealistic prices.

Mimes 01/14/22
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Great looking watch

I got the light blue version with the stainless and rose gold band. The look of the watch is absolutely amazing. It has just the right amount of flash, but is not gaudy. Looks nicer in real life than the pics.