MLG12 02/04/24
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Great Satellite Gps Watch

I bought this watch about three weeks ago. Initially I wanted to purchase a radio/atomic but needed more flexibility when traveling and when not within relatively close proximity to a transmitter. When I do travel, some of the places I go to are at the limit of the European transmitter. Probably would work but why take a chance when I could get a Satellite GPS watch that works anywhere in the world, with a touch of a button? Yes, a button or two need to be pressed. The time change doesn't happen automatically like with a smart watch linked to a phone while traveling through time zones ( if there is reception on the phone of course). The watch is very light for not being titanium. It is part of my watch rotation since I do have 5-6 other watches which serve different functions. Most are automatics with one being quartz. Like others said, it isn't very legible at night since the lume covers only the tip of hour/minute hands. I do worry about the watch band getting scratched being black stainless steel, but after wearing it 5-6x all day long, I haven't noticed any change. The watch does not come with any instructions but it isn't hard to set after watching some online tutorials. I always liked the idea of set it and forget it watch such as Citizens Eco drive watches. While I love the automatics, if not placed on automatic winders, they need constant setting. Quartz watches are ok-ish but that one time you need it and the battery is dead... This is my second Citizen Eco Drive, the first one being a 2008 perpetual calendar. That one worked about 4 years and had to be sent to Citizen for power/battery replacement ( under warranty). The second time, it only worked for about one year but I believe it was my fault since I kept it in a storage watch box, in a closet, for more than one year. Allegedly, that can kill an Ecodrive because I was never able to bring it back to life. I am hoping this one will last much longer and I won't make the mistake of storing it for extended periods of time in the dark.

Eric 12/28/23
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Bought a blue one too.

Its a sweet watch, love the color, works perfectly.

Paul 06/19/23
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My 3rd Citizen

Just recently purchased this watch. Looks great and the features work.

Danjat51 04/09/23
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Great features

Totally satisfied with this watch everything I hoped it would be