May 08/09/23
Verified Buyer
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Good looking but weighty and hard to set

The Citizen watches always have a top place in my heart. I had wanted a more elaborate model with more features and chose to try this one. There is everything to praise about this watch with the many features and the beauty of it. However, there are two reasons that prompted me to have to return this. First, it is too thick and heavy for my taste and my wrist felt weighed down. Second, Citizen company failed to provide a specific instruction manual for this particular model but instead kept on pointing my husband and I back to the manual of other similar models - note those other models have distinctly two buttons, whereas Calendrier has one, with a small built-in button (requiring a tool). My husband had to exercise his engineering mind for almost two evenings in order to set all the features for me. If it had been me alone, I would have given up long time ago. He said - do you want to deal with this every time you need to set something? Naturally, the answer is no. So for those who can deal with these two issues, you can give this watch a try.