Txhiker 04/01/21
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Beautiful design

I own several hi-end Citizen EcoDrive watches, and love them all. When I saw this one online, it showed available at local store so I went to look. (I already knew I would want it) It is a bit larger than my usual watches, but not too big. This timepiece is gorgeous and it's mine now. My sales lady sized it and I wore it home. The moon-phase multi dial, the mother of pearl, the diamond accents, the 2-tone, everything is just beautiful, and it's solar. So maybe the function dials are small, but I generally know what day it is anyway, and the month for sure, this one is all about the style. This watch looks very expensive. If you think you like this one, you won't be disappointed.

El 03/25/21
Verified Buyer
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Beauty over Function

Designer chose to promote moon phase over functionality to auto change dates at the end of EVERY month. Day dates on the circumference of the face are too small and difficult to read. Also, a charge indicator would be of more value than the moon phase. Designer missed the opportunity to provide a functional female watch that would provide ease of use, with desirable everyday usable features. How many people care about the moon phase?