Vtmurphy 10/15/22
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Beautiful watch

I have wanted a Citizen Disney watch forever! I kept checking them out and almost bought a different one, but held out for something that would really “wow” me. Love Minnie and love flowers, have been to the Flower and Garden festival at Disney many times, so this watch was a “wow” for me. My only hesitancy was that like many of the new Disney watches, the face is so busy that it’s difficult to quickly tell the time, plus there are no numbers. I also prefer a bracelet instead of a leather band, but in the end I couldn’t resist the cuteness! The flowers and Minnie are done in beautiful colors and there is the little butterfly. The look is fantastic! I think the metal portion is rose gold, but it looks like regular gold to me. Could be the proximity to the coral band makes the metal look less pink (which I like). The hands are also rose gold which makes them difficult to see at times. If you want a watch you can quickly glance at and easily see the time, this isn’t it. (I am not visually impaired.) I found I need a few more seconds to determine the time, often having to turn my wrist to get the light to hit the hands just right. I had considered all of this before purchasing, but decided to accept it because everything else is so top quality. The leather band is a great color, the diamond markers are super sparkly, even the crystal is lovely. I am really enjoying wearing this watch and so glad I bought it!