Owen 05/04/22
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Great but not perfect

I have to agree with another review on here, though it is a beautiful watch, it did come with the incorrect packaging which might lead someone to think it's an eco-drive watch. In regard to the reply from Citizen on that review, this happened despite me having ordered directly from the site. On a more important note, the light function for the digital clock was either damaged in manufacturing/shipping or just not well designed. The light is set practically behind the screen and only a little light makes its way onto the face making reading the time in the dark nearly impossible. Other than the minor and major issue I have with my purchase, it's a pretty great little watch. I like that this particular one is more of a nod to star wars and less of a blatant tribute. It could easily pass as a normal watch to anyone who doesn't inspect it too closely or is unfamiliar with C-3PO's eyes. To anyone here with thick ol wrists, this might be one to avoid as it will look like you got it from a cereal box, pretty tiny, I'm thanking my ancestors for giving me such dainty wrists.

Watchwatcher 01/13/22
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Package states "Powered by light. Any light"

The Package states: "Powered by light. Any light. A watch that never needs a battery". That is not accurate. The watch is not powered by solar and NEEDS a battery. Also, the temperature sensor is influenced by my body temperature.

Citizen Response It sounds like your watch was not accompanied by the correct packaging. While we work closely with our authorized retailers and distributors, errors can sometimes occur. It would not happen with purchases made on our website. This analog-digital watch, inspired by Citizen’s original Ana-Digi Temp model, is a special revival and does not have Eco-Drive technology like the majority of our watches. We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of this timepiece.

K 10/30/22
Verified Buyer
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cool watch, complicated instructions

Instructions for setting watch very complicated. Package/instructions say Eco-drive but watch is not solar powered.

Long 09/23/21
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Interesting Watch

I like the way it looks it’s a very handsome watch The only problem is the face is to small it could have been a little bigger