Drdad 06/14/22
Verified Buyer
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A bit disappointing for a Citizen

The look on the watch is good and it feels comfortable if you like a heavier watch. However, if you are looking for a smart watch that you can use for workouts and track your pulse data, it is very antiquated from what is on the market today. This reminds me of first-generation fitness trackers. It is also hard to toggle through the various apps and takes a while to get used to. Two days is not enough to truly understand how to use the watch. I went outside my return window before I decided this wasn't the "smart" watch I was looking for. Simply, it was difficult to use, lagged in updating between the app and the watch, and lacked logical fitness tracking. All this to say I am a Citizen loyalist and this would be the first watch I absolutely wish I didn't purchase from them.

Scout1374 04/14/22
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Display is a bit dim and button(s) are touchy.

Just got this watch yesterday. Absolutely love the weight and comfort. Although I replaced the band with something more to my liking. Only issues I've noticed so far. 1. The display isn't very bright and can be difficult to see in bright daylight. 2. The center button is too easily activated. If you bend your wrist backward any, it'll switch the watch to the notifications screen. 3. The pedometer is overly sensitive. If you clap, your getting steps. Those 3 rather minor issues aside, it's a great watch with the features and style I was looking for. An excellent blend of old school style and modern technology. A definite must for your watch collection.

Hybrid 11/30/21
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Great looks, smart and long battery life

I've been wearing this watch for two weeks day and night and it is excellent. Highly recommend. First, the long battery life is a reality. I last charged it 12 days ago and it still has 44% remaining. No more daily charging! Second, it has the smart features I want including step counting, heart rate, sleep tracking and the ability to track workouts, all with ease. The app is intuitive and has a really cool feature that diagrams the path you took - not just a picture of the path - but the actual path, like a video, from start to finish. The strap is comfortable and the screen is easy to read. Tapping the dial activates a light to assist reading in the dark. I like the ability to program the pushers to activate the features important to me (I chose activity tracking, weather and music) but it also allows you to read notifications, it has a stopwatch function and so much more. Is great for someone who wants the look of a traditional watch with the features of a smart watch without the hassle of daily charging an overly complex touchscreen smart watch.