Jaxx 03/02/23
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Great watch but a couple of bugs

I purchased a hybrid smart watch. It has difficulty with the Bluetooth. I also wish I could have silent notifications on my phone while allowing my watch to vibrate. Other than those things this watch is awesome. It fits nice, looks nice, and is useful. I have tried fitbit smart watches before but Citizen is the better.

Scout1374 04/14/22
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Display is a bit dim and button(s) are touchy.

Just got this watch yesterday. Absolutely love the weight and comfort. Although I replaced the band with something more to my liking. Only issues I've noticed so far. 1. The display isn't very bright and can be difficult to see in bright daylight. 2. The center button is too easily activated. If you bend your wrist backward any, it'll switch the watch to the notifications screen. 3. The pedometer is overly sensitive. If you clap, your getting steps. Those 3 rather minor issues aside, it's a great watch with the features and style I was looking for. An excellent blend of old school style and modern technology. A definite must for your watch collection.