No 12/25/23
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Why no second hand?

Why would you build a so called smart watch without an option for a second hand, digital or otherwise? The heart rate and O2 sensor are sketchy at best. Spending over $300 for a "smart watch" is a drop in the bucket for some. For me, it's not. You streamlined a watch to get into the smartwatch market. You also failed terribly.

Jonathans32 11/29/23
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Quality watch/frustration with app

Watch is high quality and has a decent feel/weight. Feels more like a traditional watch but lacks the customization that I desire in a smart watch. App is frustrating to use. Any watch I use for work only requires 2 things. Military time and date. The gallery options have only one option with military time and I couldn’t figure out a way to have both military and date display at the same time. Battery life seems to be above average for a smart watch. Improvements to the app experience are needed. (2 apps are required to unlock full experience and neither is all that intuitive. ) Also needed to get a jeweler to adjust watch band.

Lucasb30 11/27/23
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Beautiful watch with basic apps

Great looking watch. Feels great and looks great. Problem for me was I knew it was a smart watch and the apps on it are limited. It tracks steps and stuff but this isn’t a watch your running in so you would need something else to workout with. It would be best to be a regular watch without the smart functions. I think a strap of some kind would be better than the bracelet.

Juniperleejjl 11/24/23
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Good but …

It’s a good looking analog watch that does have the seraphic capabilities of 2000s calculator. The user interface is less than optimal. That being said, i normally only care about my heart rate, steps and date. That information is clear yet not overwhelmingly in your face. If you are planning to use this watch to read your messages, don’t bother! Whatever this watch has going for itself as a smartwatch goes out the window as soon as it gets dark. While it has some built in lights, it is front lit just like 90s gameboy! It was also annoying that this watch does not come with a tool meaning that unless you are a big dude you will need to bring the watch to a shop to get it adjusted. On a good note the battery life is awesome at near 14 days, take that 🍎!