Julio200 08/20/23
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Stopped working after just 2 weeks

Nice watch i thought I found my perfect Smartwatch. All function which I need, still looks like a normal watch without any technical stuff I wont need. Unfortunately after just 2 weeks the screen is frozen and nothing works anymore. The support was also not really uhelpful. As I left the country for a longer period and this should have been my watch for my trip there is nothing what I can do. I have a useless very exspensive watch which is not working and I dont know when I can return it. I wish the quality controll would be a bit better for a watch of this price point. I knew that the Fossil hybrids which are using the same technic having the same issue somehow I still trusted into the Citizen one.

Gher9Gher9 05/30/23
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Waste of time and money!

I bought a new CZ Smart Hybrid watch 2nd gen twice. I couldn't set up it with Citizen Connected App. It was showing network error 400301. I returned it to Citizen because I was thinking that is a defective one but when I got the second one - it shows the same error. Tried to install the Citizen Connected App on different phones (iPhone and Android), tried it on different Wi-Fi networks (and with cell data), and got the same result - network error 400301. It looks like is an App issue. Tried to complain to the Citizen Watch team and got an answer - it's a network error and please check your internet connection. It's just ridiculous. Waste of time and money!

Tejinder K. 05/20/24
Verified Buyer
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Nice looking

The watch is nice looking. Other then that it's not worth it. You can see time in dark. Notifications are unreadable, you can't response to any notifications. Menu is complicated. 18 day battery is good. But watch itself with the features that are unusable not worth it. Won't recommend if you are buying for features. If just want to check time now and then, step count etc then may be OK.

Greenlifevt 12/13/23
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Limited Smart Functions

The watch is beautiful but, being a hybrid, has only limited Smart Functions and too small digital display. The mechanical hands get in the way of the display. It would have been better if they made it 100% digital. The screen is also inconsistently responsive. I had a hard time connecting to the app. Often it would not find the watch. I would wear this because it looks cool but the smart functions are weak.