Starinkaren 01/13/24
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Nice watch, nice look

Nice watch. Somewhat difficult to customize and link to your devices and apps. Still having some issues, can't get calls yet (Sigh)....

Timb52 11/27/23
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Well made!

The watch is well made and rugged. I like the strap bc it’s easy to clean and does not smell. I wear it to the gym, fishing, hunting, and to the beach. The watch is simple to use and I didn’t even read the instructions. The watch has a QR code and was easy to install the app and connect the Watch. The Watch has everything you need to make your day better. I will recommend to everyone IK ow. Thank you

Akatiger07 11/13/23
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Amazing smart watch that you can't even tell us a smart watch

Thanks to influencer for allowing me to review this watch it was an amazing product I like how it doesn't even look like a smart watch. It has help a lot to keep track of my walking steps and it allows me to keep track of my messages and my health it a huge help. The health app I had some trouble with cause it wouldnt recognize that the watch was connected to my phone. But otherwise I was able to use it with the Google health app. And that worked amazing. If anyone is looking for a really nice smart watch that has style and doesn't look like a smart watch I would recommend it. I give the watch a 4.5 out of 5 stars cause I didn't like the band but that's the only issue I had with the watch. Otherwise it was amazing. Thanks again to influencer for the chance to test and review this smart watch

Dsormsby 06/20/23
Verified Buyer
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Outstanding hardware! App needs work.

Although I have not let the battery run all the way down, the advertised battery life appears legit. The screen is easily read in direct sunlight. I’m still adjusting to the active calories (vice total calories) calculation. It certainly complicates monitoring calorie intake versus output for weight loss. In addition, the calculated calories burned during exercise falls far short of what my polar heart rate monitor, Peloton and old Fitbit calculated. The biggest problem is with the App. The “For You” tiles are not editable and the first ones shown are basically spam: Sign Up for Offers, App News and Instagram. You have to scroll right to find useful functions: Set an Alarm, Workout Results and Preferences shortcut. In general the menus are not intuitive. For example, the Set an Alarm shortcut in “For You” does not provide any way to get to all alarms on the watch. For that you have to tap the watch icon, then the setting gear then alarms.