Djrmusicyt 12/12/23
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Good watch but comes up short.

I have had an iWatch for a long time. So to try the CZ smart watch was exciting. It came up short though. The software seemed to be a little laggy. I was not a fan of the not being able to speak on it. One day the watch just stopped communicating with my phone. It is nice but I did not have the greatest experience with it.

Jereomem 12/07/23
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Mix feeling

I have mixed feelings when it comes to this watch. Overall it does a decent job of keeping track of your heart rate, blood oxygen level and the steps you have walked throughout the day and the watch looks rather nice. However I feel that the user interface is rather clunky and at times it appears to lag sometimes taking 10 seconds before it does what you ask it to. Also I find that it misses a few of the exercise options that I participate in. This is somewhat remedied by the fact that you can pair the watch to work with Google Fitness which does an excellent job of tracking your exercise and it has many of the options that I participate in.

Sf2001 12/01/23
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Impressed by the array of features!

I received the CZ Smart Hybrid Sport smartwatch as a gift several months ago, and I have been absolutely thrilled with it! The unique style, sleek design, and customizable watch faces set it apart from other smartwatches on the market, and I love how it seamlessly blends with any outfit. You can easily access standard wellness stats like steps, heart rate, and more on the watch. It's also great to see that it's compatible with both Apple and Android phones. Moreover, the battery life is quite impressive. It's stated that it will last up to 18 days based on usage, and I've been consistently getting around 14-15 days on average. Plus, it only takes about 40 minutes to charge it to 100%. The real magic happens with the included app (no subscription required!) called YouQ. It gathers insights from my sleep-wake patterns and alertness levels, helping me understand my natural rhythms and even forecasting highs and lows in my energy. This feature makes it much easier to plan my day effectively. I'm a fan of CZ Smart and am looking forward to using it to develop better habits!

Timb52 11/27/23
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Well made!

The watch is well made and rugged. I like the strap bc it’s easy to clean and does not smell. I wear it to the gym, fishing, hunting, and to the beach. The watch is simple to use and I didn’t even read the instructions. The watch has a QR code and was easy to install the app and connect the Watch. The Watch has everything you need to make your day better. I will recommend to everyone IK ow. Thank you