Dsormsby 06/20/23
Verified Buyer
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Outstanding hardware! App needs work.

Although I have not let the battery run all the way down, the advertised battery life appears legit. The screen is easily read in direct sunlight. I’m still adjusting to the active calories (vice total calories) calculation. It certainly complicates monitoring calorie intake versus output for weight loss. In addition, the calculated calories burned during exercise falls far short of what my polar heart rate monitor, Peloton and old Fitbit calculated. The biggest problem is with the App. The “For You” tiles are not editable and the first ones shown are basically spam: Sign Up for Offers, App News and Instagram. You have to scroll right to find useful functions: Set an Alarm, Workout Results and Preferences shortcut. In general the menus are not intuitive. For example, the Set an Alarm shortcut in “For You” does not provide any way to get to all alarms on the watch. For that you have to tap the watch icon, then the setting gear then alarms.

Gher9Gher9 05/30/23
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Waste of time and money!

I bought a new CZ Smart Hybrid watch 2nd gen twice. I couldn't set up it with Citizen Connected App. It was showing network error 400301. I returned it to Citizen because I was thinking that is a defective one but when I got the second one - it shows the same error. Tried to install the Citizen Connected App on different phones (iPhone and Android), tried it on different Wi-Fi networks (and with cell data), and got the same result - network error 400301. It looks like is an App issue. Tried to complain to the Citizen Watch team and got an answer - it's a network error and please check your internet connection. It's just ridiculous. Waste of time and money!