Kr1583 11/09/23
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Nice watch, but lacking features

This is a nice and classic looking watch. It feels nice on the wrist. Battery life is really good. I charged it about 2 days ago and I'm still at 83% charge. I like the sleep tracking on it and the simplified menu. My main issues is that you can't add apps, and there's no way to reply to a text message. Also the citizen connected app is very simple and not very user friendly. I don't know about the citizen youq app. It force closes during setup and won't open again. Redownloading it does the same thing. I contacted their support and haven't heard anything back from them.

Bacon1 01/22/24
Verified Buyer
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Still needs work

Overall this product is ok if you are a light tech user and like the design. The watch design is good and it can pass off well in professional settings. The battery life is definitely a great strength as it has lasted me for about 2 weeks without charging. However, there are a few issues: Weather widget: The weather widget only works in certain countries. I found that it doesn't work if you are traveling to parts of Asia. I cannot testify to other locations however. Watch face: Only some watch faces are customizable. For example, that watch face you see here (the default with 3 hexagon widget areas) are not customizable which means one of the best watch faces, in my opinion, as set widget options. Responsiveness: Sometimes that watch lags and the hands can get stuck in the menu. However, this is not very common and a brief wait will resolve the issue. Connection distance: This watch has a short connection distance with your phone. I can leave my phone on my table and go 1 floor above in the same house and the watch will lose connection. This makes the phone finding feature almost useless because when you are looking for your phone, chances are the watch has already lost connections with it. CZ Smart YouQ App: Citizen puts quite amount of work on promoting this app. In concept, this app offers a lot of great health monitoring options beyond the CZ Connect App. However, in execution, this app does not work well with the hybrid watch. To set up the watch you need to use the CZ Connect App. This is easy enough as this app gets the watch into paring mode. However, you also need the paring mode for the YouQ app. But the YouQ app doesn't push the watch into paring mode if you are already connected with CZ Connect. If you did manage to connect the watch to YouQ, it then asks you to install Android Fit on your watch to access health tracking. This is not possible on the hybrid watch. Without Android Fit, YouQ cannot give you data to monitor anything. All in all, if you are willing to make compromises on the things I listed above for the clean look and battery life, I say go for this watch. If not, I suggest look elsewhere.

Jesseh82 11/29/23
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Good but not great

This watch is sharp looking and I was excited to get it. In order to get this watches full functionality you need to download not one but two apps. The citizen app allows you to customize the watches face which is really cool with a ton and of options. When you want to see things such as how well you slept, power score, chronotype, and more you need to go to the other app. All in all, it’s cool watch with a ton of customizable options, the ability to see workouts, and help keep track of your health. Personally I feel a person needs to be tech savvy and not minding being on their phone for the different options. If everything was in one app I would like and feel more people would enjoy it.

Miker36 12/02/23
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I had to download three apps to run it

I received this product for free from Influenster in exchange for my honest review. Citizen is not a technology company. Citizen is not a wellness and fitness company. The watch weighs a ton. I ended up finding a Velcro cloth band online to change out because trying to sleep with the default bands on was silly. The watch isn’t particularly water proof. You’ll be fine in the rain I guess? The watch is hard to read. The screen is like a tiny terrible Kindle screen. Good luck. The software on the watch is laggy. You need three apps to run the watch. Google Fit, and two proprietary Citizen apps. They all need setup and accounts. What a mess. Citizen is so incredibly out of their depth here.