Al Z. 04/03/24
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Stylish Smart Watch, with Hands!

Very good looking, stylish hybrid smart watch. I bought one about 2 months ago, specifically because I wanted a smart watch with hands. I have vision issues which make it hard for me to read a digital display without glasses, but I can easily see a set of hands. Like a number of other reviews, I initially had problems with the watch dropping the phone connection. However, this stopped after just about a month. Now it only drops the connection if the phone is being charged. Otherwise, it picks it right back up. If you also connect to Google fit, you have 2 ways of looking at your data. I'm still trying to learn the CZ Smart YouQ app.

Rix 01/10/24
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Beautiful and Stylish and no batteries!

My son gave me this watch as a birthday gift and once I downloaded the Citizen Connected app, the My Citizen app, and the YF30 owner's manual (on my laptop so I could read it magnified), I got it figured out. The owner's manual is not real user friendly, but after being persistent, I finally figured it out. Another good feature of having a Citizen is the free band sizing...I have a real small wrist and after calling a local jewelry Citizen dealer, they said to bring it in for a free resizing. If you're looking for a smart watch that does all the stuff the Apple Smartwatch does, this watch is not for you, but it's beautiful and very stylish. I like the traditional look, and you can change watch faces to a variety of traditional, sports, workout, and non-traditional styles. It does do heart rate, step count, connects with Alexa and several other nice features.