Urbanoshaun 11/18/23
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I got my Citizen smart sport watch and haven’t looked back. It combines style and technology. It looks and feels great on. It is easy to pair with your iOS device and makes tracking steps, heartbeat very easy.

Demonol 11/14/23
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Good light weight hybrid watch

The hybrid version of this watch light weight, and very easy to pair with your smartphone. There are face customizations, but be aware the hands may obstruct some of the data. It's long, so you'll have to have some links removed.

TLKJ 03/24/24
Verified Buyer
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Meets my needs

The interface is clean, uncluttered, without a lot of extraneous data/information that is if little use. I like the charge last for over two weeks. Would I buy again? Absolutely.

Aarond18 12/04/23
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Good but not for everybody

Overall i think this is a very good watch, but it's not for everybody. This watch is great for those who first and foremost want a nice dress watch but also like having the newest tech and want a smartwatch. The watch itself is gorgeous and of the quality you would expect from Citizen. The screen is pretty incredible. It is a black and white screen that blends in well with the style of the watch and definitely does not give off the typical vibe of a smartwatch. When i show it to people, they are impressed to see how the screen works. I found the heart rate sensor to be fairly accurate during my workouts. The battery lasts forever and charges quickly with the included charger, which is magnetic on the back of the watch. It is a special charger, so if you lose it you would need to buy a new one. You can customize a lot within the app, including a ton of different watch faces. I also appreciate that you can fully customize what apps you get notifications for on the watch. However, it was initially set to ALL, so i was getting an insane amount of notifications on the watch, including turn by turn directions when driving. I turned off all notifications expect emails, texts, and one other messaging app i use with my kids. Things to consider: smartwatches work best when worn 24/7, however since it is a dress watch and not and athletic watch, i find that my wrist is ready for a break by the end of the day. Obviously, the display is not in color and it is not a touchscreen. You navigate the watch by using the 3 buttons on the side. If you want a color display or touchscreen, this is not the watch for you. Notifications such as text messages interupt the workout screen during a workout, then you have to navigate your way back to the workout screen. There should be an easy way to dismiss notifications when you're in the middle of a workout. Hopefully this can be fixed I'm a future software update. It does not have good visibility in the dark. You can tap the screen twice to turn on the backlighting, but it doesn't work very well. The watch hands are glow-in-the-dark but they are very dim and i did not find them to work well. You cannot reply to text messages from the watch. You can customize two quick text messages to use when rejecting a call, but i would've appreciated a way to send a quick reply to text messages, such as "yes", "no", or "ok". When you turn your wrist to look at the watch, the hands will spin around the watch to update to the current time. This is impressive the first couple times it happens, but then i just found it to be annoying, especially when you just want to glance at the watch to see the time. I did not find the CZ Smart YouQ app to work very well. Even after a few weeks, it does not show my chronotype and data doesn't seem to be syncing. I find the watch most useful just to glance at emails/texts. Bottomline: If you want a nice looking dress watch that is also a smart watch, then this is a great option. If you do not NEED it to be a dress watch, there are better smartwatch options out there.