Wthomas777 10/14/19
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A nice taste of things to come.

If you are saddened because this watch is no longer available take heart. Thankfully, the current Promaster Sky Hawk A-T has almost all the features of this watch for a fraction of the price. The current Promaster Sky Hawk, ditches the Titanium case for a more traditional (albeit heavier) Stainless Steel case, and loses the distance time scale found on this and earlier models. Otherwise they are identical. This Limited Edition was the ultimate Promaster Skyhawk A-T available when it was released. Thankfully Citizen kept much of what made this watch great and rolled it into the next iteration. Having purchased and been completely satisfied with the JY8078-52L, I purchased this only because it was on deep discount at my local jeweler and it was a steal for a limited edition, numbered, titanium cased watch. My only complaint is the fact that the blue used in this limited edition tends to not have enough contrast in indoor lighting, and is difficult to read the seconds hands and blue ink indoors. Luckily this has been corrected in later editions. I love that it's limited edition and has a Titanium case, but quite frankly if you buy either the JY8070-54E or JY8078-52L, you'll have essentially the same watch minus the titanium case with a more readable face that is easier to live with.

Mano22 05/18/18
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Excellent features and the Citizen reputation

I bought this watch several years ago. I would have given it five stars if the background of the digital display was white instead of dark grey which makes it difficult to read in low light and doesn't make any sense to me. I am short to state, it is even idiotic. It is difficult for me to understand the reasoning for making it dark grey instead of white. Otherwise, it is an excellent watch, very accurate, doesn't need winding because it works with light, and changes automatically to "daylight savings time". The above features means that you only make mechanical changes when you purchase it in order to adjust the geographical area you reside. As a result, there is no mechanical wear. It is a very good looking watch (at least to me), and even though some people report it is a little too heavy for them, I have no complains in that respect even though I am 93 years old and things feel in general heavier to me than they really are. I would definitely recommend this watch.

Kberna1376 12/05/17
Verified Buyer
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Outstanding Update od a Classic

Very happy overall. Excellent value and outstanding features. An issue is adjustment of the band. I tried to do it myself as I do for other watches I own. Problem it it uses VERY small o-rings to lock the pins in. I lost those and had a problem ordering more. Definitely have adjustment done by a competent watcher repair.

Foxfire 03/16/21
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Great watch with great features

I bought this watch to replace an older citizen Blue Angel watch. This watch's presentation and material is much more stylish and higher quality. I love everything about it.