Bullitt33 02/03/24
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5 Stars

Purchased February 2, 2024, after sizing and the initial radio control setting. I’m in love with this watch the colors the pop of orange

Readdy 11/07/23
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Radio controlled

I bought this time piece a few weeks ago. Using Amazon was a big mistake!! The seller said watch was brand new.. even Amazon list watch is not being used. Well I've bought a few watches in over 40 yrs. And alot have been citizen. Well one it wasn't in the box a skyhawk would come inn 2. Wasn't wrapped in any protective wrapping or plastic to cover the face or back. I mentioned to the seller and he was honest by stating it was a display piece as I told him that what I thought it was. So I got my cash back and purchased from a private jeweler. Great piece 3rd. One

Iggy98 09/03/23
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I’m in love!

15 years ago I stood staring at the Citizen Watches at FMJ, I had just got a small bonus at work for landing a sizable contract. My old Timex was looking a bit forlorn so I had it narrowed down to the Skyhawk and Nighthawk. Sadly the only Skyhawk they had was the Blue Angles edition and it was more than my bonus, so I opted for the black face OG Nighthawk. That watch has been on my wrist almost everyday. This last year it has started to look its age for being an EDC. So once again I’ve been eying the watch that got away the Skyhawk. I had it narrowed down but finally landed on the Blackout Version of the AT. And i am in love. Wish I could of swing it 15 years ago. Its an amazing timepiece. Comfortable, thr sapphire crystal and its anti glare makes the watch totally readable in most lighting. Its got enough bells and whistles to keep me busy tinkering with it. After a few days it’s complex setting up has become second nature. I have a hard time getting a signal even to my bigger atomic clocks but manually setting it is just as easy. I still have butterflies, can one say they actually love a watch because I honestly do love it. Well worth the 15 year wait. Both Skyhawk and Nighthawk are amazing. Hoping the AT lasts me another 15 years.

Chuck 07/19/23
Verified Buyer
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Great Purchase

Overall, very happy with the purchase. Even with a large amount of information displayed, it is easy to read the key functions (time and date).

Citizen Response Thank you for your positive feedback. We’re happy to hear that you are pleased with your new Promaster Skyhawk A-T. It's the perfect combination of style and function. Enjoy!