Bsay 08/04/18
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Good but not great.

When I saw this latest version of the Blue Angels Skyhawks I knew I had to have it. It looks amazing, has a sapphire crystal and micro adjustment on the bracelet. However it is th bracelet that is a total miss. It has very sharp edges and is just not comfortable over the course of a day. I take it off several times throughout the day and it feels like a sense of relief. The bracelet could also use a half link so that you can get the fit just right. The micro adjustment works but without the half link you might wear it too tight for summer and humidity or too loose the rest of the time.

Heb1 09/20/18
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My go to, get sweaty with, watch

I purchased this watch about 3 months ago. The watch's design features are perfectly executed; all hands are in perfect coordination and the second hand strikes exactly over each of its 60 minute chapters. As far as I could see, there are no dust particles, stray eyelash, or anything else on the dial or under the crystal. The radio signal auto update system works very well too. The watch has just about every desirable feature a watch wearer could want. I know how to use a slide rule and can say the one here is accurate and very handy. I purposely disengaged the auto update system to see how accurate the watch will be over a 30 day period: It gained a little less than 5 seconds/month, that's less than 1 minute a year; good enough for me. My one subjective criticism is the watch's size and weight; it is quite a load on my 7" wrist. After the first week of wear, I replaced its massive metal bracelet with a "Watch Steward" elastic strap; reduced weight by 1/3 and provided for a more comfortable on-wrist strap. The only reason I did not give this watch a 5-Star rating was for this reason. Overall though, it is a pretty great watch.

Harleyman2014 10/06/18
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Everything about this watch is awesome, stainless steel band with blue and yellow highlights

Dennis 12/22/18
Verified Buyer
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Great features and accuracy.

I bought this over a month ago. The watch great on my wrist. I really like the automatic time setting every night. I live in MD and the update will be successfully performed in front of windows facing either East or West. The time is very accurate; I can measure the start of a TV program when the second hand hits the 12. The second hand is easily readable due to yellow on blue background. The time is easily read in the dark with luminous hands and dial. I like the incorporation of the built in timer and 24 hour stop watch.