Donster52 12/03/23
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Bracelet pins

The watch itself is very nice. I had to adjust the bracelet to fit my wrist. Simply knock out the pins remove links then put them back together or so it seems. In my experience with this watch, once I remove the pins then reinstall them, the pins did not stay intacted. The pins keep falling out. Can't wear the watch. It's now a paperweight until I get to a jeweler. I own five citizen watches and this has been the worst of the lot.

Wizard 11/13/23
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I'm a retired US Navy Parachute Rigger and spent 22 years maintaining the ejection seat mounted parachutes/survival kits and every piece of flight equipment a US Navy and US Marine Corps Aviator will wear, including the HGU-33 flight helmet used by the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team (the visor should be gold instead of chrome but I understand ;-). This watch has been on my watch "Bucket List" for 2 year, and now one is mine. It's beautiful and I'm proud to wear it, but maybe not for the fact that it's a Citizen... The folks at the jewelry store didn't know how to set it and there was no instruction manual in the enormous beautiful box. They did adjust the bracelet and when I saw the small metal working hammer come out to drive the pins back in, I cringed but it was too late and they removed a link from both sides and damaged both sides. I took hours of searching the internet to find very little on setting the watch but finally found a video on that mentioned manual adjusting if a radio link failed allowing me to set "Daylight Saving". Then I registered the watch only to realize that the "VERY COOL" metal limited edition ID card didn't match my watch. The card indicated 2951/9999 and the case back indicated 1690/9999. Then I wondered if they 9999 were manufactured over multiple years, because I couldn't discern a date of manufacture. Can Citizen tell me more? I was hoping for a card that matched the watch, but that may not be possible. And lastly, the laser etching (I'm guessing laser) is blurred on some of the numbers and letters, specifically the movement identifier isn't as legible as one would hope for a new expensive Citizen watch. I think this one is number "Two" from top-of-the-line Promaster, just under the Titanium version which the Jeweler didn't have in stock. So, maybe I'll be able to find a new bracelet to install someday after putting a few bucks back into the Parachute Rigger's indulgent cookie jar.

Peipei 10/10/22
Verified Buyer
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It’s ok

It’s very difficult to set up the time and no tools for adjusting the belt

Mike62221 12/31/19
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Water use

The features state this watch is Water Resistant to 200 Meters or 666 feet, but deeper in the Technical booklet it states it is only used for Swimming, showering or Snorkeling but not Scuba. I haven't met anyone yet that can swim or snorkel to over 600 feet deep.