Taigu63 01/09/24
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Way too cool

Back in September I bought the Promaster Navihawk AT8227-56x as a birthday present for myself. When I started to look for information online, YouTube review videos and like, I discovered how much information is out there about citizen watches. Started to fall in love with this watch as there are seemingly tons of videos reviewing all the different variations of the Skyhawks. One review I read said titanium needs to be experienced,and now that I am the proud owner of this watch I couldn’t agree more.The black dial is cool looking and legible but what makes this watch extra supercalifragilistic are the orange accents on the bezel.I saw the same watch without them,maybe from a foreign market,and I didn’t like it quite as much.I once read that these watches are set it and forget it but that’s not the case.When mine arrived I opened the box and saw that it was telling the correct time already.So after trying it on and staring at it for a long time(I mean a long time) I started to check out the functions which I already knew a lot about.So you shouldn’t have to set it but you’re not gonna forget it.I am so glad I decided to purchase this watch even though I had just purchased my Navihawk a few months earlier.So after years of drooling over really cool citizen watches at whatever jewelry store or counter I happened to be at,I am the proud owner of this awesome Skyhawk also.I am one happy happy.

Airline 01/03/24
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I love it!

I have been wearing a version of this watch since the 1990s and this particular watch since before 2005. I love it! Easy to change time zones as a corporate pilot flying all over US. Time is always correct. Titanium bracelet is light. However, the crystal can be scratched if you try to cram the watch into tight places like adjusting the seat in a car with the door closed or doing yard work. Overall I love it!

Wallymortar 12/16/23
Verified Buyer
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Promaster Skyhawk A-T

The Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T is one of the nicest watches I have ever owned. While I respect the Citizen brand, having now 3 Citizens watches, I'll admit I was concerned that a watch with this many multiple electronic features would be over-complicated to setup and manage unless it were worn everyday. However, the watch setup was straightforward and intuitive. It is also extremely accurate and grabs an atomic clock signal at prescribed times. The titanium case is deceivingly light for a watch of this size.

Slowdogg010 10/02/23
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Amazing for what you can do!

Very lightweight on the wrist. Lots of compliments! Very much enjoying learning all of the functions.