Cheryl 07/14/23
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Beautiful watch for someone with a Google phone.

Loved the look of this watch. I did not want the ridiculous square Apple watch and I have been a fan of Citizen for over 20 years. I wanted to love and keep it but it would not stay paired with my iPhone. I restarted it more than three times trying to get all of the features to work but the app on the phone seems to not be cooperative no matter what I tried. Had to unfortunately return it.

Lala27 06/03/23
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I wanted it to work so badly. Was trying to get away from my usual go to for smart watch. Visually, it is everything I want my smart watch to look like. So beautiful. I use my smart watch for two main reasons. First to get my texts at work quickly from clients and second to track my workouts. I could not get the watch to pair properly. I reset it twice. Could only get phone calls, no texts. The watch barely stayed connected to the wifi. My workouts wouldn't connect with my heart rate. There are only options for "indoor and outdoor" workout. I connected Strava and google fit to get a weight training workout and it wouldn't take my heart rate at all. Even trying to troubleshoot with the online help seemed far more complicated than it should be. In the end I had 4 apps to try to do 2 simple tasks and could not get one of them to work. So sad to return this beauty.