Ant96 06/24/23
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Horrible purchase

Watch does not perform as advertised. The power score doesn't show on the watch, screen freezes a lot and the hardware lagging. This watch was not ready for the market. Wear os is such a horrible app. The workout data could have been more in- depth.

Billr 06/05/23
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Terrible Battery

Instant buyer's remorse. The step display doesn't update correctly for certain faces, which is disappointing. Battery life is appallingly bad. After charging to 100%, it is under 50% four hours later. There's no way it goes 24 hours with even close to full functionality. The online help is useless. I have always loved Citizen watches. I am shocked they put their good name on such a flawed product.

Citizen Response We are sorry to hear about the issues with your new CZ Smart. There are ways to extend the battery life, including adjusting the battery modes and notification settings. In addition to the CZ Smart FAQ’s on our website, you can easily access technical support through our customer care team, who will help troubleshoot. We appreciate your feedback and are happy to hear that you love Citizen watches. Please look out for an email from us so that we can address your concerns in more detail and provide solutions.

Dwjt 05/28/23
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The Smartest watch could be a better watch.

I've had it for a month. I like : + The idea of ​​YouQ software with IBM and NASA. That's the only reason I bought this watch compared to all the smartwatches out there. It could be better: - "Google Fit", "Wear OS Google", "CZ Smart YouQ" and "Citizen Connected" MUST work together / MUST be synchronised at the same time. Or better yet, one app that does it all... - The "1-3 days battery life", the reality is less than 24 hours. A solar watch could be nice! - The "Power Fix" are great recommendations. Why not add recommendations for the heart, for blood pressure and better sleep. - Alexa is a nice touch. But a Google Assistant could be interesting. - If I worked with NAZA and IBM, I would make sure that the end result was 100%, BEFORE selling this watch that has so much potential.

Montana 05/16/23
Verified Buyer
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Poor battery life

Nice quality watch but the battery requires constant charging, even with location tracking and Wi-Fi turned off. Couldn’t complete an outdoor activity without the watch completely shutting off.