Htmunster 01/16/24
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Doesn't work as advertised.

I got the watch back in May, the battery issues haven't been for me, happy with that, but it has a mind of it's own, changes power states for no reason and my main issue is, even though all the advertising says it's compatible with iOS and will notify text messages on the watch, I've never been able to get it to work, and there is nothing out there to say how. Citizen, does it work, or not? I get my phone calls, but not my text messages. If I could get my text messages, I would really like the watch, but as it is, I'm going to have to replace it as that's a not unreasonable requirement. Can some one please confirm if is does, and if so how?

Citizen Response Thank you for sharing your experience. We are happy to hear that you haven't encountered any battery issues with your CZ Smart watch, and we appreciate your positive feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience you've faced with not receiving notifications. The issue may be related to the settings, like a toggle not being turned on, as the watch is iOS-compatible and capable of receiving text messages. We will contact you through email to provide step-by-step instructions also found in the FAQ section of our website. We would like to ensure that you get the most out of your smartwatch, and you can always reach out to our expert customer care team, who can provide any technical support you may need.

Grych8 11/06/23
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Great recent improvements.

I bought it when it was released and was very disappointed. However, they've fixed the issues and it is fully functional and even supports Google Assistant. Battery life is comparable to many Wear OS offerings and will last me about 10-12 hours with my normal heavy usage with about an hour of GPS usage and tilt to wake. Very happy with the watch and impresses that Citizen worked hard to improve the usability.

Johncban 07/24/23
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Update it first then you'll get its full potential

Since I use CZ smart touch gen2 all my android notification is seamless and fast, but you have to update Android Wear OS first to get its full potential then tweak its settings to save more battery. The sensors are responsive, and it almost matches with the treadmill's heart rate sensor as for the app it shows the big picture of your day-to-day wellbeing!

Jb822 07/20/23
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Great looking watch but too many limitations

I waited patiently for this watch to be released. I can understand the delay. The battery life is poor as other reviews have mentioned. The bluetooth on my watch will not stay connected. Cannot pair with phone. The app is not on par with Garmin or other smart devices. I am hoping for updates and upgrades. Now, I just need the watch to pair.