Jonnyhjj 06/04/23
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Great watch with IBM tech

IBM Watson is good 👍 lot of color bands to than Fitbit

Happycamper 05/19/23
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Truly a Smarter Smartwatch

Let me just start by saying that I bought this watch about 2 weeks ago and I was initially skeptical about the IBM Watson and YouQ claims. However after using the watch i'm honestly blown away with it. This thing is so sweet, my other Smartwatches are only able to record my stats: steps, sleep etc.. which is cool, but it doesn't interpret the data in a meaningful way. This IBM Watson stuff in the YouQ app is incredible, after about a week of wearing the watch it has started to build what's called a "chronotype" that predicts energy levels and alertness, so that as my day progresses, I can see what my body is likely to do and get methods to counteract the fatigue or feelings of low energy. Just too cool. On the technical side; Pairing was relatively easy and I've had no connection issues. The battery holds enough power that with my usage I only have to charge the watch while I do my morning routine, then, pop it on before I go out the door and I consistently have enough power to last until the next morning. The software on the watch is snappy and responsive, and the polyurethane strap is very confortable, soft, yet firm. I really like that they're quick-release too so I can put whatever I want on it without needing tools. Good job Citizen, colour me impressed, 5 stars - A Happy Camper