Dave S. 07/09/24
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Good watch, could be great!

Have really loved this watch. Sizing it spot on, classic styling, and the titanium is a great choice for the reissue. I like the strap. It's pliable, matches the case structure, and overall it fits me really well. Could be slightly shorter but it's not a deal breaker for me at all. The color matched date wheel (silver) is excellent attention to detail. The bezel has a nice quiet action. Light and responsive. I'm not crazy about the polished tone of the bezel. Like the aluminum insert. The crystal chamfer is a really nice touch. To Citizen: to make this hit so much harder I would improve the following 1. AR coating on the underside of the crystal. The way the crystal is cut and the smaller dial dimensions it would greatly add to the legibility of the watch. 2. Increase the crown sizing by 2-3mm. It is anemic as it stands. That's it. A bigger crown, AR coating, shorter strap, and you have an amazing watch! Keep up the good work. I'll continue to wear this regardless of the slight niggles.

Corkboard753 05/05/23
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Light and classic design with space age material.

Great little diver. Received it yesterday and I really love the light titanium. Bezel action is smooth and with perfect tension albeit quiet (which doesn’t bother me at all). Good feedback and plenty of grip despite what I had read in other reviews before purchasing. Everything lines up perfectly. The glass is excellent. The bevel does add a little distortion towards the edge of the dial. It’s not the most legible diver out there imo but it has that vintage vibe that it is going for. For me it’s a win. The only negative is the crown. It is criminally small. Not quite sure why citizen went with this style. A little bigger and it would have been a 5/5. The strap seems to be of good quality. A little long if anything. I’d shorten it by 1 cm. Overall a fun diver and my first Citizen.

Kylequinn 04/16/23
Verified Buyer
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Awesome Watch

Great watch. The crown could be a tad bigger but it’s not a deal breaker by any means. The bezel is alright despite online reviews saying otherwise. Besides the small crown, I like everything else about this watch. It’s lightweight. The lume is awesome. The case is a perfect size for my 7.5” wrist. I am happy overall with the watch.