Alan 03/20/23
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An outstanding mechanical watch, with a legacy.

A very simple looking watch ⌚, but that's what's expected from a mechanical watch. The titanium is highly underrated, much stronger than steel, but also much lighter. The only subjective issue is whether you like the titanium look vs the steel look. You have to determine what your preferences are (do you prefer lighter weight? do you prefer a certain aesthetic look?). I highly recommend trying this watch on your wrist before buying, it's that particular. What's also highly underrated is the backstory of the ancestor of this watch which has quite an impressive story and consequently legacy. I bought this watch because I wanted a daily mechanical workhorse, and the legacy/story is a nice conversation starter as well. The scuba 🤿 tank case is impressive in photos, but less so in person (this case could look nicer in person and this is something Citizen could improve). Overall, the quality of this watch is outstanding, as expected from Citizen.

Anthonyb 01/22/23
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Great watch

Fantastic watch. Loses about 6-8 seconds a day which is close to COSC. Wears well. Micro adjustment really helps. Only negative is that the clasp scratches easy.

Nite 12/30/22
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Great Homage time piece

My Christmas gift to myself. I've owned countless Citizens. Never disappointed. Upon opening scuba tank first impressions amazingly lite diver. Beautiful blue dial. The hour hand sweeps smoothly. I forget I'm wearing this watch. Love the diver extension. I'm getting +5 seconds a day. I'm going to be wearing this watch a while. One more thing the super titanium and blue dial work well together.

Greg 09/09/22
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Great watch if you like titanium

A lot of nice features for the price. Titanium is a lightweight metal and I think leads to certain case finishing decisions which you may or may not like. You may want to see it in person if you've never seen or felt a titanium watch. It may come across as less solid due to the weight and feel of titanium though it's the opposite. Should be more scratch resistant than steel. All the indices line up with the bezel. The background of the date window is metallic silver, not white which is a nice touch. Other online reviewers have noted the crown may be small for the watch - I would say that's nitpicking. Fits well on my smallish wrist. Blue color looks better in person. Not too busy, I like the rectangular markers which are less common than round. There are a number of reviews on the background story of this reissue - worth looking into. Would recommend.