Joshua W. 04/29/24
Verified Buyer
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Outstanding watch

I own quite a few watches. This is by far my favorite good job to citizen.

napheus 04/05/24
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Excellent value and quality

I have been wearing this for a month now, and am solidly happy with it. It’s easy to use and set, and I am getting 2 seconds per day accuracy, which is top notch. I switched out the original band for a titanium, or sometimes a leather nato band. I don’t like heavy bracelets. I wear this watch when I’m working on my classic car, and just got back from a hiking trip through Tasmania and Queensland. Wearing this watch to work at a prestigious university as well. The calculator/slide rule works great, is not a little bit hard to read. I wish it had the mph inner ring that can be used to calculate more of the aeronautical math problems. So you can use it for ground speed etc, but honestly, if you have to use this, then you messed up and forgot your calculator anyway ha ha. The flow seems to struggle to get through a night, it’s not as bright as my bldr watch, but it’s still very good. I only wish they had a display case back on this so you can see that beautiful movement. Absolutely enjoy it, and would recommend. Bing a dual citizen the true gmt function is a blessing. So I can keep track of when family are awake back home.