Winner in two Milan Design Award Competition categories in CITIZEN’s 1st exhibition at international festival of design MILAN DESIGN WEEK.

Awards: “Best Entertaining” & “Best Sound”

Milan Design Award

Hosted by elita, the Italian culture association, this was the fourth year of the Milan Design Award Competition, in which a grand prize and five category prizes are awarded.

As part of our global branding activities, this year CITIZEN exhibited for the first time at MILAN DESIGN WEEK, the international festival of design, on April 8-13 to spread the message about the wonder of the CITIZEN brand that is opening up a new future for watches. On April 13, the final day, CITIZEN won prizes in two categories in the exposition’s official competition, the Milan Design Award Competition: “Best Entertaining” and “Best Sound.”  Since the awards’ inception four years ago, this is the first time one company has simultaneously won two categories.

The theme of the installation CITIZEN revealed at the venue, the Triennale di Milano, is “LIGHT is TIME.”  A magical space was created by employing around 80,000 main plates, the foundation supporting all other components of a watch. The exquisite, dynamic space generated enormous buzz during the expo, drawing around 50,000 attendees over six days. The excitement was so great an admission cap was imposed on consecutive days.

DGT architect Tsuyoshi Tane, based in Paris, and the CITIZEN design team worked on the installation. Representing the elements of light and time, it was formed according to Mr. Tane’s idea: “Light is time. Without light the concept of time never would have arisen.”


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