Q: Is there a USB communication cable for the Hyper Aqualand?

Yes. Introduced February 2005, this cable is specifically designed to connect directly to the communication unit and requires special drivers that are included on the CD with the cable. The current price for this unit, part number CDS0927-04, is £30.00 plus shipping and applicable taxes. If you are located in the United Kingdom, please contact your local Citizen retailer.

Q: Is the caseback considered a spare part?

Casebacks are not usually considered a normal spare part, for further information please contact your local Citizen retailer.

Q: Where can I go locally to get parts for my Citizen watch?

While most stores will not carry a stock of parts given the variety and number of watches they carry, many are willing to assist you in ordering parts.

Q: May I order parts directly from Citizen?

Most of our spare parts require special expertise for installation. For this reason we restrict the wholesale distribution of spare parts to bona fide trade repairers only.

Q: Is there a metal band that will fit my watch?

This is a common question regarding watches that have a rubber strap or a leather strap as the original band. To give a specific answer, we need to know which watch you have. If you are located in the United Kingdom, please contact your local Citizen Retailer.

Q: Are parts covered under the guarantee?

The United Kingdom 5 year guarantee covers the movement of your watch and manufacturing defects. Exterior components such as bands, crystals, cases, buttons, stems, crowns are not normally covered under the terms of the guarantee.

To view the terms of the guarantee, click here to go to the service and Guarantee Page.

If you feel a component of your watch not explicitly covered is defective, you must submit your timepiece to an Authorized Citizen Service Centre listed in your guarantee booklet for review. Only Authorized Service Centres can make a determination if a component is defective.

Click here to go to the Service page for a listing of Authorized Service Centres.

Q: Can I order half links?

“Half links” are not generally available. Additional links to make the band longer are the same size as the existing links on your band. Determine how many links of this size are needed to make the watch band the right size for you. The jeweller from whom you purchased your timepiece may order the links for you.

Q: Can I order parts for a watch I purchased in another country?

Citizen manufactures a variety of timepieces sold in a variety of markets. While we generally have parts available for models destined for the United Kingdom market, we may not have parts for models originally destined for other markets. However, we might be able to order them for you. (Note: Receipt may take an extended period of time). If you are located in the United Kingdom, please contact your local Citizen Retailer.

Q: Can I get an instruction booklet for my watch?

Yes, we have full downloaded instructions sets avaiable. These may also be printed. Click here to go to the instructions download page.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view and print the instructions. Click here to go to the instructions download page.

Q: Can I order the software or communication unit for my Hyper Aqualand watch?

Yes you may order the communication unit (part number 400-0080) or USB cable (part number CDS0927-04). If you are located in the United Kingdom, please contact your local Citizen Retailer.

The latest version of the Hyper Aqualand Software (v2.1) may be downloaded at no cost. Click here to go to the Hyper Aqualand Graph 2 v 2.1 full download page.

Please note, this program is not suitable for the Cyber Aqualand or Cyber Aqualand NX. Click here to go to the Cyber Aqualand and Cyber Aqualand NX information page.

Q: How much does a band or other replacement part cost?

The cost of parts varies greatly depending on which part you need, the materials of the part and for which model. If you are located in the United Kingdom, please contact your local Citizen retailer.

Q: Can you use substitute parts if the replacement part I need is discontinued?

Once a part such as a movement, dial, crystal or hand is discontinued we unfortunately are not normally able to substitute another part. However, we can sometimes locate a suitable substitute for a discontinued band. For further information please call your local Citizen Retailer.

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