Discover 3 Ways to Date Like a New Yorker


Paris may be one of the most romantic cities on the map, but there’s no denying, before you get to love, you need the inevitable first date and who knows dating better than New Yorkers? New York is the city that never sleeps and that could be because they’re wide awake searching for someone to date. With one date already under their belt, NYC singles everywhere are reaching for their phones waiting for winks, snaps, or texts questioning if there’s a second date in the making, but there are three things they’ve perfected to get to this point. It doesn’t matter what your zip code is, you can be in a New York state of mind and follow in their footsteps, with or without Lady Liberty waving in the backdrop.

1. They put themselves out there

If you don’t have anyone’s name to Google or feel butterflies stirring because you don’t have a date in the works — you might want to raise the stakes. New Yorkers understand that it’s a numbers game and going on several dates to find someone worthy of romance is necessary. Singles in the city have a flair for finding dates whether it’s at lunch at a new deli, the corner market buying a can of Pringles, or being set up by their friend who swears this one will “be different” and encourages you to find romance at the sour pickle festival with their cousin’s friend Bernie. Instead of staying home to watch How to Get Away with Murder, you should figure out how to get out of the house. Try something new, like downloading a dating app, or filling out an online dating profile to showcase your goods, even at a local pickle festival. The goal is to get in front of other singles you’re biologically attracted to.

2. They take a chance

New Yorkers take chances everyday with the weather, their jobs, and even hair when the humidity shoots to 100% in the summer. They aren’t riddled with “what if” or “maybe I shouldn’t” because they fundamentally understand that life’s too short and the only thing long is the wait list for the hottest restaurant–so they just go for it. Take a chance when it comes to dating and open yourself up to someone outside of your normal dating bubble. This means accepting a date from someone a little shorter than six feet, saying “yes” to the person who likes cats instead of dogs, and maybe just maybe going out with someone who hasn’t reached executive status in their career just yet. New Yorkers know this may lead to a meaningful partnership and if it doesn’t, at least you now know how to simultaneously feed eight cats.

3. They tell it like it is

Sugarcoating things or beating around the bush isn’t a New York strong point. People living in the big apple understand the virtue of honesty and they will smack you in the face with the truth no matter how hard it stings. Dating like a New Yorker means that once you’ve put yourself out there and take the chance to date someone new (outside your comfort zone) for about 2-3 dates but the sparks are lacking, a truth-telling session is in order. If the only fireworks you see are coming from the illegal kiosk on the freeway, it’s time to bail. You gave it a good shot and it just didn’t work out — so you say your peace and move on. You want to tell the person, not to hurt their feelings, but to leave no ambiguity and rack up some good dating karma points–as you will need them. Did his bad hairpiece turn you off because it truly reminded you of Donald Trump? Was she too emotional talking about her ex and revealed her plot to have him killed? Did they never ask about your day or act as if they didn’t care to know more about you and used the date as a therapy session with sushi? Only you know your threshold for such dating-pains and can decide when to opt out–like a bad newsletter. Remember, the point here is not to crush them but to peace-out and be on your way. Think of it as releasing another fish into the sea of love allowing them and you to find a true match quicker.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to live in one of the five boroughs of New York City to date like a sophisticated New Yorker, instead learn from them and what makes them resilient and open to romance in the first place. And who knows, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your next date may find you having some metropolitan flair–and to those lonely nights at home, fuggedaboudit!

Don’t forget your Citizen Watch when you’re out on a date!

These are my 3 ways to date like a New Yorker! What are some of your dating tips? Leave us a comment!

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