Easy Decorating for Fall

November 10, 2015

Easy Autumn Decorating Blog

Fall décor is hard for me. Thanksgiving is sandwiched between my two favorite days of the year, Halloween and Christmas. I’m lucky if I get my Halloween decorations down before Thanksgiving week, and then it’s time to make everything look like Christmas!

And while I do always have a big fancy Thanksgiving dinner, that’s it – one day of celebrating fall, and it’s over. And that’s sad, because fall is so beautiful!

This year is the year I’m getting my act together. I managed to get my Halloween decorations down within a few days of the holiday (seriously, if you know me, this alone is kind-of amazing). And I’ve found some easy methods for decorating my home to look like fall!

Go Foraging

Nothing says “fall” like leaves in beautiful reds and golds and oranges, pinecones, and acorns. There are so many great-looking ways that you can fill your house with these:

  • Frame three or four individual leaves, and hang the frames in a group or a row
  • Take an empty vase or lantern and layer in as many leaves and pinecones as you can fit
  • Paint acorns in different fall colors and pile into a bowl or basket
  • Pick branches with leaves on them and arrange in a vase like flowers
  • Flowers still bloom in fall, and flowers like helenium, sedum, and witch hazel have beautiful fall colors

Pick Some Pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t finished after Halloween. In fact, after Halloween they’re cheaper.

  • Paint pumpkins in a color that matches a room’s décor
  • Preserve small pumpkins by soaking in water diluted 10-1 with bleach; after rinsing them off and letting them dry thoroughly, rub Vaseline on them for a nice shine, and arrange them in a basket
  • Hollow out pumpkins as though you’re carving them for Halloween, and then using different-sized drill bits to make designs and patterns

Buy Some Fake Fall 

Not a crafty DIY-type person? Buy some fall items that you can put out year after year.

  • A leaf wreath for your front door
  • Orange and brown candles
  • Fall-color throw pillows for your couch
  • Use burlap as a table runner and placemats

Smell Like Fall

Fall is as much about smells as looks.

  • There are candles that smell like fresh-cut wood, a cedar fire, pumpkin spice, even an apple pie!
  • Put out bowls of nice autumn potpourri
  • Simmer some cinnamon sticks, orange peels, whole cloves, and water in a saucepan

Pinterest Is Your Friend

If you go to Pinterest and search “fall decorating ideas” you’ll find enough inspiration to last until next year, both DIY and things you can pick up at a store.

So go forth and make your house look and smell like fall!

Decorate your wrist with the golden color of fall and the Citizen L Sunrise.

Gold-Tone Sunrise EM0322-53Y


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December 4, 2015 7:27 am

We live in Northern California in the wine country and we are suonrurded by pumkpin patches and Christmas tree farms!!! (not to mention horses, sheep and chickens!) For a big city girl like me, moving here was a big transition but it’s kind of lovely living out in the country.-Amy(PS We try to keep Noodlebug as “rock and roll” as possible. His dad is hoping he’ll be a rock star when he grows up)


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