Give The Gift of Travel: Adventure Trips For Dad

Adventure trips for dad

A few months ago, when it was still dark and freezing here in Brooklyn, my husband and I were talking about what kind of year 2014 had been. I’d had a great year, but I was surprised to hear my husband say that he’d had a bad year. The main reason? He hadn’t gone anywhere exciting. When we were younger, travel was really important to us. I’ve pretty much let go of it and become a homebody, but it sounds like my husband isn’t finished having some adventures.

I don’t know if I can swing a big trip for him this Father’s Day, but I’ve been doing some research and getting ideas. I’ve come up with four adventures I know he’d love to go on someday, and I’d even be willing to say goodbye to my couch and go with him. We might even let the kids come along, if they promise not to whine too much.

I’ve paired each trip with a gorgeous Citizen watch that would help him keep track of which time zone he’s in.

White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

We’ve never been to the Grand Canyon (although I did get an amazing view of it from an airplane once). What better way to see it than from the water? We could take a six-day ride down the Colorado River, camping along the way, and enjoy the Grand Canyon from a perspective most people don’t get.

I would pair this adventure with the World Time A-T watch, which can be worn while swimming (or rafting!) and can be set automatically to the time in twenty-six different cities around the world using Atomic Timekeeping technology.

Road Biking in California

With more than 800 miles of coastline, California has some of the most beautiful biking routes in the country. There are foodie tours, wine tours, self-directed tours, and punishing mountain tours. We can carry all of our gear ourselves, or hire a company to take all of our stuff from stop to stop in a van.

I would pair this adventure with the Navihawk A-T, a sporty watch that tells you the time in 43 cities and has a 99-minute countdown timer.

Conservation Safari Tour in Kenya

On this tour run by Outside Go we’ll get a chance to interact with the Maasai community and see some breathtakingly-beautiful animals, all while staying in luxurious accommodations. We’ll learn about conservation and visit areas most tourists don’t get to see, all while making little-to-no negative impact on the places we’re visiting.

I would pair this adventure with the Satellite Wave F100. It updates time automatically in as little as 3 seconds from satellites in space for 40 time zones and its lightweight titanium case and bracelet allow for comfortable fit during long days out on safari.

Explore the Galapagos Islands

With an amazing array of wildlife to see, the Galapagos offer us opportunities to hike, snorkel, SCUBA dive, and kayak. There are gorgeous beaches and lava tunnels to explore as well. But groups are limited and must be accompanied by a licensed guide, to keep the area safe for all of the animals that call the islands home.

I would pair this adventure with the Promaster Depth Meter Chrono which would keep any traveler in style on the land or the sea. It’s the perfect tech for the avid diver or the weekend vacationer.

Where would you take Dad for Father’s Day?



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