Happy Mother’s Day from Kelly Clarkson

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Our brand ambassador, Kelly Clarkson, is celebrating the birth of her baby boy! We are so excited for her and her second journey into motherhood. We asked Kelly to share what it’s like to be a Mother in her world so we could share with you in time for Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mothers and Step-Mothers out there! I can attest that mothering can be a thankless job at times (ha!), but there is no job more rewarding or worthy! I can’t believe I am about to have my second baby?! I can’t believe we will have 4 kids total running around our house!

I am more relaxed and more scared at the same time! More relaxed because I have some idea of what to expect (especially when it comes to the newborn), but I’m more scared for making sure each kid gets enough one on one time and feels special!!! Not looking forward to the hospital/delivery (ha!), and, let’s be honest, having a newborn while chasing around an almost 2 year old sounds CRAZY. But, I’m thrilled they will be close in age and I’m even more excited to have pregnancy officially behind me FOR GOOD!!!

I look forward to the special times to come with my new baby boy, and then I’ll be ready to get back to work with my traveling circus! I’m grateful and honored that I get to travel the world with my family. It’s a true gift. And, thank God, I have a great nanny who helps us keep it all together on the road for all of us! Cheers to all of you mothers out there making it happen every day, especially you single moms doing it on your own! You are truly special women to take on so much because it is a lot.

A mother’s love is the most powerful love in the world and I’m thrilled I get to experience it. And I’m also thankful it exists or no one would procreate and that would be a real problem for mankind!!! Ha! Have a great day!

To every mother: Happy Mother’s Day!

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