How to Warm-Up After a Cold Day

How to Warm-Up After a Cold Day

I grew up in Buffalo. I lived there until I was 17, then went away to college an hour west, where it was even COLDER, and then returned to Buffalo for another couple of years. So basically, from birth to 22, I was enrolled in a graduate-level course on how to stay warm.

Sometimes people joke that if I’m from Buffalo, the cold shouldn’t bother me. But it doesn’t work like that. Living in Buffalo meant learning how to go outside without feeling cold. See, we didn’t change our routines for the weather. We didn’t stay inside because the wind chill was -10. We just prepared for it.

Figure out what you need before you head outside.

Check the temperature

The wind chill is a combination of the wind speed and temperature that makes it feel much colder than it actually is. You want to bundle up before you head outside so that you can trap the heat into the layers of your clothes. Which brings me to…

Dress in layers

Heat gets trapped between the layers and helps to keep you warmer than one thick layer would.

Wear a hat

No hairstyle is worth freezing your ears off. If you just can’t stand hats, get a good pair of earmuffs.

Cover up

Knit facemasks are great, plus you might feel like a ninja. You can also wrap a scarf around your mouth and nose.

Consider mittens

I know, mittens don’t exactly scream “I’m a responsible adult,” but mittens allow your fingers to keep each other warm. It makes a huge difference. There are even mittens where the tops flip off for when you need to use your fingers. Of course, whether you choose mittens or gloves, don’t forget your Citizen Watch! I love this one from the Winter White collection. It reminds me of sparkly snow.

Stay dry

It doesn’t matter where moisture comes from – the sky, a snowball fight, or your own sweat (take off one of those layers if you’re that hot). Being wet will make you feel so much colder!

Use disposable heat

Those little packs of heat can be put in boots, mittens, and pockets on extra cold days or when you know you’re going to be outside for a long time.

Keep moving

Moving around gets the circulation going in your extremities and makes them warmer.

And what about when you get inside? Here are some Dos and Don’ts.

DO take off everything that’s wet.

DON’T run your cold hands and feet under hot water, or any water – you might not be able to feel how hot it really is and could burn yourself.

DO drink something warm. Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate can help warm you up from the inside.

Do these things and hopefully you won’t dread going outside so much for the next few months! Before you know it, it will be spring, and we’ll be complaining about the rain.

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