Living Guilt Free


Think about emotions for a moment. Emotions can be incredibly helpful. Fear can keep us from getting into situations where we could get hurt. Happiness releases endorphins that can make us feel better. Feeling sadness can give us a cathartic release. Anger can spur us into action to fix something.

But guilt? What does guilt do? How does guilt help a situation?

The answer is, it doesn’t. Guilt might just be the most useless emotion there is.

Let’s say you want to eat a decadent dessert, but you’re trying to lose weight. You decide to eat the dessert anyway. Life is short, right? Besides, you’ll make it up tomorrow with some exercise.

The first bite tastes great. Heavenly. Totally worth it, no matter how many calories.

Then, during the second bite, you start to think about how tight your jeans are, and just how long you would have to exercise in order to work off the brownie. By the third bite, the brownie doesn’t really taste good anymore. And instead of savoring it, you just shove the rest of it into your mouth, so that the guilt will go away.

You just let guilt sabotage something you were supposed to be doing for pure enjoyment.

Guilt did not make you stop doing what you were doing – you still ate the brownie.

Guilt did not make you thinner – the brownie did not magically have fewer calories because you felt bad about eating it.

Guilt did not cause you to change your actions, but it did keep you from enjoying what you were doing.

Like I said, useless.

Once you’re able to let go of guilt and really enjoy what you’re doing, you will feel a freedom like none other. Trust me on this!

But how do you do that?

By sticking by your choice and deciding to live in the moment.

That doesn’t mean that you never change your mind about something. You might take one bite of brownie and thoroughly enjoy it, guilt-free. And then you might realize that that one bite was enough, and wrap up the rest for later.Or, you might enjoy the guilt-free brownie so much that you decide to do fifteen extra minutes of exercise a day, so that you can enjoy a brownie each week without doing any damage.

EX1320-54EMy point is, guilt does absolutely nothing except ruin the experience. Once you’ve decided to do something, the only sane course is to enjoy it fully. If you’re not going to enjoy it, then just skip it, and skip the guilt.
Eating a great meal. Taking a nice trip. Buying yourself something nice. Getting a massage. Spending time by yourself. These are all wonderful ways treat yourself. You deserve it!

Looking for a beautiful watch to give yourself? I absolutely adore the Silhouette Bangle. It’s fancier than the watches that I wear every day, perfect for when I’m dressing up and indulging myself a little. It’s going to be the next watch I buy, a little gift to myself. And I’m going to enjoy it fully!



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