Q: Where can I get additional information on the Cyber Aqualand Nx?

Click here to view the Cyber Aqualand NX information page.

Click here to go to the Cyber Aqualand NX Communication Unit Product Information Page.

Q: Is there a Macintosh compatible version of the Cyber Aqualand Software?

The Hyper and Cyber Aqualand software is compatible with only PC based systems running Windows operating system. There are not Macintosh or Linux compatible versions.

Newer Intel based Macinsosh computers have the ability to run Windows through either virtualization (such as Parallels), or Boot Camp. While you may be able to get the Aqualand Graph programs to work in these environments, we do not support such use as the software was designed for MS Windows machines only.

Q: Is there a Linux version of the Cyber Aqualand software available?

The Hyper and Cyber Aqualand software is compatible with only PC based systems running Windows operating system. There are not Macintosh or Linux compatible versions.

Q: How do I correct the error: ‘failed to set up log folder’ on my Toshiba or Dell Computer?

When running Cyber Aqualand Graph NX software on certain Toshiba or Dell computers, there may be an error when trying to use the software. There is a software patch available for this issue. To download the patch file, Click here.

Please note this is in a ‘zip” (compressed) format and you will need a program such as “WinZip” to extract the files after downloading. You will find two files that are extracted. One of these files is the instruction file for updating the program.

Q: Is the Cyber Aqualand Graph software compatible with Windows Vista?

The factory has confirmed that the current version of the Cyber aqualand software will operate within the Windows Vista 32-bit environment (version).  However, it will not work within the Windows Vista 64-bit environment (version) and there are no plans to upgrade the software to work in the 64-bit environment.  The 64-bit environment while technically a more stable environment has very rigid requirements for software and hardware (ie communication unit).  It will not allow the installation of those software drivers not signed by the developer/manufacture to be compliant with a particular windows version.

However, what you may try is the following:  When installing the software on Windows Vista, run the install as normal and reboot your PC.  Before trying to start the program, go to Start and find the program icon.  Right click the icon and go to Properties and click on “Run as Administrator”. This will circumvent all of Vista’s built in filters and Windows Defender allowing you to run the Cyber Aqualand NX software.

Q: Can I use an infrared adapter on my PC to transfer data?

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a specific third party IR receiver, as we have never done any testing with IR functions other than that built into a computer.  If you are using the IR function, then the docking station would not be needed.  If you are using a serial cable or our USB cable to connect the watch to the computer, then you would need the docking station.  The docking station and specialized USB interface are both available from us directly.  We do not offer serial cables, but these can be purchased at most computer type stores.  If you wish to order the docking station and/or USB cable, please call our Customer Service Team at 800-321-1023 ext. 4234 Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m Pacific Time.

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