Q: Can you tell me who has a watch in stock?

Unfortunately, we do not have access to retailers stock. As such, we are unable to advise you as to which location might have a particular model in stock.

Q: I found a watch on your website that I really like but can’t find it anywhere. Can I order it?

Some retailers may be willing to special order a watch for you. Some venues, such as certain department stores, are restricted by their store policies from accepting and placing special orders.

Q: Can you customize a watch for me?

We cannot alter our original designs to accomodate a feature from one watch to another. As such, we are unable to create a ‘custom’ watch for you.

Q: Are the diamonds used in your watches “conflict free”?

The diamonds used in our product have been certified by our factories to be “conflict free” diamonds.

Q: How can I determine if I am purchasing from an Authorized U.S. Retailer?

By using our dealer locator featured on our website, you can find many popular “brick and mortar” Authorized Dealers in your area as well as U.S. Authorized Internet retailers.

Authorized Dealers whether in the United States or outside the United States are not Authorized to sell outside their home country. If a watch is purchased on the Internet and shipped to a different country, this would be considered an “unauthorized” purchase and not be eligible for warranty coverage, international or otherwise.

Q: Is my EBay purchase covered under warranty?

As of September 16 2014, we do not have any U.S. Authorized Ebay retailers.  As such, purchases from any other seller on EBay  would not be considered Authorized in the United States.

Authorized dealers are not Authorized to sell outside their home country. As such if a watch is purchased on in the internet and shipped to a different country, even from an Authorized Retailer, this would be considered an “unauthorized” purchase and not be eligible for warranty coverage, international or otherwise.

Q: I got a watch as a gift, but do not like it. How can I exchange it?

Exchanges can take place only through the original retailer from which the watch was purchased.

Q: How can I tell if a watch has Swarovski Crystals or Diamonds

The diamonds in our watches are all “set” in the case and/or bracelet. If you look closely, you will see 4 prongs over the top edge of each diamond. Swarovski Crystals do not have “prong” settings and are secured to the case with other methods.

Q: Do you have a trade-in or upgrade program?

At this time, we do not offer a trade-in, trade-up or upgrade program.

Q: Can I change the dial color of a watch?

We can do this provided we are not creating a style that does not exist in our market.  As an example, the model you have is also sold with either a black or blue dial, and you wish to change from one to another. That would be acceptable. However, if you see one on an overseas internet site that has a white dial and that model is not featured in our market, we would not be able to accomodate such a change. Do be advised that if it is determined we can make such a change, there would be charges for parts, labor, shipping and any taxes.

Q: How do I get a warranty booklet for my new watch?

Warranty booklets are available only through the original Authorized retailer at the time of purchase. If you have your sales receipt (proof of purchase) from an Authorized Retailer that details the item purchased and the date of the transaction, this will serve as documentation should you need warranty service.

Please note that if you purchased the watch second hand or from an dealer not Authorized by Citizen, your will not be eligible for warranty coverage.

Q: How do I register the warranty for my watch?

There is no pre-registration necessary. Be sure to keep your completed warranty booklet and/or original sales receipt in a safe place. You will need to submit your warranty coupon with your watch should you need warranty service.

Q: I want to buy a watch I saw on the internet, but could not find it on your web site. Why?

There are a variety of watches that can be found on the internet. Our U.S. website typically features only those models for the current “season”. If a watch you found is not featured on our U.S. website it may be the model from a previous season or a model for a market other than the U.S. market.

Q: Can I buy a watch directly from Citizen?

Citizen does not offer direct sales. Watches must be purchased through Authorized retailers.

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