Q: Selecting correct Proximity model

Proximity movements come in two different calibers, W760 and W770. Please make sure to read the watch case back to find the correct caliber number before making a selection.

Please refer to the following pictures for caliber number location.

Prox Caliber Caseback

Q: Where can I download the Proximity (W770) app?

The latest version of the “CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY)” app can be found by searching either the Apple iTunes store, the Google Play store, or by clicking on the links below.

Apple app linkGoogle app link

Q: What smartphone is Proximity (W770) compatible with?

The Proximity (W770) watch and CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY) App are compatible with smartphones running either Android OS 5.1 and greater or Apple iOS 9.3 and greater. The app has been optimized for iPhone 5 and greater. The Proximity (W770) watch communicates with smartphones through Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy power-saving communication technology. To see if your smartphone uses Bluetooth 4.0, contact corresponding smartphone manufacture for support.

Q: My Proximity (W770) watch does not want to pair the first time I use it.

The Proximity (W770) watch can store up to three sets of pairing information. There is a good possibility that a new watch may already have pairing information and will need to be reset.

To clear one of the saved locations:

1. Set mode to [TME]. To do this, pull crown out one click, rotate 6 o’clock sub dial to [TME]. Push crown in one click.

2. Pull the crown out two clicks.

3. Rotate crown to change second hand to one of the three desired save locations. 1 , 2 , or 3 o’clock.

4. Hold the upper right button down for +8 seconds or until the second hand makes a full rotation.

5. Push the crown in two click.

The save location will be cleared and ready to pair with a new device. If the smartphone has previously paired information, go to the Bluetooth settings and delete all “Eco-Drive W770″ pairings. Make sure to clear and restart the app before attempting to pair.

When the watch is in [TME] mode and the app is running, push and release the upper right button. Connection will begin. If the watch does not pair, repeat previous steps.

Q: I have followed the pairing instructions but my watch still does not want to pair.

If all pairing instructions for Proximity (W770) have been followed correctly and the watch will still not connect with the desired smartphone, preform the following task to resolve the issue.

Note: this resolution is a temporary fix until the app can be updated to remove the problem.

  1. 1. Clear and restart the Citizen Bluetooth Watch app on the smartphone.
  2. 2. Clear and forget all “W770” Bluetooth information from the smartphone.
  3. 3. Pull the watches crown out two clicks. The second hand will move to either 1, 2, or 3 o’clock. If the second hand is not already at 2 or 3, turn the crown clockwise to change it to either position.
  4. 4. Hold the top right button for +10 seconds or until the second hand makes a full revolution.
  5. 5. Push the crown in two clicks.
  6. 6. Press and release the top right button. Make sure that the app is running and on the main screen.


The watch will attempt to pair with the smartphone. If pairing is successful, the app screen will have a glowing orb and the watch will have the 2 o’clock sub dial move to the “BLE” ON position.

If the watch does not successfully pair, repeat steps 1 through 6.

Q: Why does my Proximity second hand move in two second jumps?

This is an indication of the insufficient charge warning. When the power reserve becomes low, the second hand moves once every two seconds. Be sure to fully charge your watch immediately.

When the watch is sufficiently charged, the second hand will return to moving normally.

If you do not charge the watch for 10 days or longer after the insufficient charge warning movement has begun, the watch will be depleted of all power and stop.

During the insufficient charge warning state, the time, date, and day of the week are indicated correctly. All other functions and modes on the watch will not be available and only the indication in the [TME] mode will be displayed.

Q: How many smartphone devices can be paired with my Proximity (W770) watch?

The Proximity (W770) watch can pair with up to 3 different smartphone devices running either Android OS 5.1 and greater or Apple iOS 9.3 and greater. Android and Apple devices can both be paired on the same watch at the same time, although only one can be connected at a time. Each device must be paired with a unique destination to save registration information. See full instruction manual for more details.

Q: Why is my second hand stuck?

When the second hand is at either 40, 45, 50, or 55 seconds, the watch is notifying the user of a notification. The second hand will remain stationary until the user manually dismisses the notification.

The 40 second position refers to “ACT”, and will be displayed when the watch is actively receiving or sending information to the app. If the second hand is at the “ACT” position for more then 30 seconds, pull the crown out by two clicks and push back in to close to return the second hand to normal time keeping.

The 45 second position refers to “LL” or link loss. This status will be displayed when the watch has lost connection with the app or was not able to pair. To remove the status, hold either button for 2 seconds. The second hand will then return to normal time keeping. Note: Link Loss options must be controlled and chosen through the CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY) app.

The 50 second position refers to “INFO”. This status will be displayed whenever the app has sent the watch notification information. This may be caused by emails, SMS messages, or other application notifications. To remove the status, hold either button for 2 seconds. The second hand will then return to normal time keeping. Note: Notification options must be controlled and chosen through the CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY) app.

The 55 second position refers to “CALL”. This status will be displayed whenever the corresponding paired smartphone is receiving a call. To remove the status, hold either button for 2 seconds. The second hand will then return to normal time keeping. Note: Call notification options must be controlled and chosen through the CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY) app.

Q: Where can I find instructions for my Proximity watch?

The Proximity (W770) watch comes with a card with a QR code link and the web address to the CITIZEN watch website. Through the link, users can access full, abbreviated, and video setting instructions. The SUPPORT section on the website is also available to allows users to find additional setting instructions. When on the setting instructions main page, locate the 4 digit movement caliber number on the back of your watch and enter it in the provide field on the left. From there, you may download PDF instructions and view setting videos related to the watch.

Q: Why does my Proximity (W770) watch lose connection when I turn off the app?

The CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY) app must be on, or be running in the background of the paired smartphone, for the watch to stay connected. If the user was to close out the app by clearing it from active apps, the connect may be lost.

Q: How do I test the vibration or sound on my watch?

You may want to know the strength of the Proximity (W770) watch’s sound and vibration prior to receiving notification.

To test the sound, make sure the watch is in [ALM] mode, the crown is pulled out two clicks, and hold the upper right button. The watch alarm will sound for as long as you hold the button.

To test vibration, make sure the watch is in [ALM] mode, the crown is pushed all the way in, and press/release the upper right button. The watch will then vibrate 5 times.

The strength of the sound and vibration cannot be changed.

Q: How do I read the day of the week, power level indicator, alarm status, or bluetooth status?

The Proximity (W770) watch has a sub dial at the 2 o’clock that acts as a multi-function status indicator. When in either the TME (time mode) or L-TM (local time mode), and the crown is pushed in completely, the 2 o’clock sub dial can be controlled through the pressing and release of the lower right button. Each press of the button will change the sub dial’s hand position, from day of the week, to Bluetooth connection status, to alarm setting status, and to power reserve indicator. Once the hand has reached the power reserve indicator status, further pressing of the button will return the hand to the day of the week status. Additional presses will repeat the movement of the hand through of the previously mentioned options.

Note: Changing the status of the 2 o’clock sub dial will not occur when: the second hand has indicated notification status and has not been cleared, the minute and hour hands are moving outside of normal operation, the alarm is actively notifying, or when power reserve level is at “zero”.

2' sub dial

Q: Why does my Proximity (W770) not receive notifications?

The Proximity (W770) could not be receiving notifications for many reasons, please review all options to ensure that your watch is operating correctly.

The watch might not be connected to the app. If so, reset connection to receive notifications.

The notification option within the app may not be selected. If so, open the app, select the appropriate notification setting, and ensure that all desired options are selected.

“Notification Access” may not be enabled on the paired smartphone device. To enable, follow the instructions provided within the app and allow all permissions requested.

If all of the options previously mention do not correct notification issues, disconnect watch from smartphone and try repairing. If repairing does not correct issues, disconnected watch from smartphone and clear pairing information on both devices. For more details on clearing pairing information, please review the Full Instruction Manual.

Q: Does my Proximity (W770) watch receive notifications while in other modes?

The Proximity (W770) watch is capable of receiving notifications, that are sent by a paired smartphone running the CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY) app, in other modes besides [TME] or [LTM]. When in either [ALM] or [CHR], the watch’s second hand will not respond to notifications. Instead, the watch will notify by vibration and sound, as long as the setting within the app have been designated to do so.

Q: If I do not connect my Proximity (W770) to the app, does it still work?

The Proximity (W770) can preform many functions while not connected to the dedicated app. The watch is still able to keep time at an average monthly accuracy of ±15 seconds, but will lose the ability to automatically updated, and will need to be corrected manually. The user will also need to manually correct the local/secondary time, alarm, date, and day of the week. The watch can also preform a 1-second chronograph up to 60 minutes and has a power reverse level indicator.

Q: What is the glowing orb on the CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY) app?

The “glowing orb” is a real time light level indicator. When the watch is under any kind of light sufficient for charging, the orb will respond to the intensity of the light. Under low light or dark conditions, the orb will be small and a light blue color. When under a strong intense light (such as the sun), the orb will become large and a bright red/purple. Charging levels are recorded and can be viewed in the Light Level sections of the app.

Q: Why does the “Find My Smartphone” function on my app not make any noise?

For Android users, the “Find My Smartphone” function will only be able to notify users with sound and vibration if the smartphone is not on vibrate or silent. To enable this feature, make sure that the smartphone’s sound settings are at a desired level.

Q: Why does my Proximity not work on a tablet?

The “CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (PROXIMITY)” app was designed and optimized to be operated on smartphones. You may be able to use the app and Proximity watch with a tablet, but we cannot guarantee whether the app will work to the full capability it was intentionally designed for.

Customer support will not be able to provide knowledge of pairing the Proximity to tablets and will not assist users that request to do so.

Users are not advised to pair the Proximity with tablets. Doing so will be done at the users own risk.

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