Angela Lindvall

Citizen is proud to partner with American model and actress, Angela Lindvall, as the face of the new Citizen ladies’ campaign. Lindvall, known for her accomplished fashion career, shares the same appreciation and passion for environmental sustainability, personal growth and overall wellness as Citizen. Throughout the collaboration, Angela will align herself with Citizen’s ongoing Get a Light, Give a Light program, donating solar-powered lights to disaster-stricken communities for each watch sold. She’ll be featured in Citizen’s upcoming print, digital and social campaigns highlighting the brand’s newest ladies’ collections: Capella and Ceci, launching at Baselworld, March 2019.

Angela Lindvall’s creative work lies at the intersection of style and substance. Throughout her career as a top model, actress, and fashion consultant, she has influenced the values of the industry through her personal commitment to ecology and spiritual growth, emerging as an advocate for environmental sustainability, personal and community wellness, and a holistic approach to life and style. Ever since she was launched into a globe-trotting fashion career as a teenager, Lindvall has utilized her travels and collaborations with the world’s top creative talents as opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth. She is certified as a Kundalini yoga instructor and a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Since a young age, she has passionately studied a variety of subjects, from psychology and religion to mythology and metaphysics, with a particular interest in environmental science and agriculture.

For the past 14 years, Lindvall has been a devoted mother of two, and considers this her most important role in life. She promotes a holistic approach to healthy child development and has raised her sons in California’s Topanga Canyon, where she tends the land with them in order to teach them about the symbiosis between people and planet.

An early proponent of the increasingly popular concept of self-care, she has designed her property as an eco-sanctuary that hosts health and wellness gatherings. For Lindvall, well-being is a necessary global conversation. “Self-care implies not only caring for yourself physically and spiritually, it means taking care of the world we live in,” she says. “In that sense, self-care is probably the most important thing we can do for ourselves and for our planet.”