The Nissan Fairlady Z

Driven by Values, Inspired by Performance

Introducing two new limited-edition timepieces, created in collaboration with the iconic Nissan Z – or Fairlady Z, as it’s known to its designers in Japan.

Two Icons of Japanese Performance and Design

Inspired by the thrill and exhilaration of one of Japan’s best-known sports cars, the designs incorporate elements taken from the latest Nissan Z model. With accents in the vibrant Ikazuchi Yellow or striking Seiran Blue body colors, both timepieces are powered by Eco-Drive Atomic Timekeeping technology. This eliminates the need for a battery and having to self-adjust the time or calendar when traveling overseas, as the watch automatically receives local time signals in four different regions.

Inspired by the Nissan Z
  • The all-black AT8185-89E dial has the same yellow dot design and gradation effect as the seats in the Nissan Z.
  • The blue accents on the AT8185-97E contrast with the shining silver hands while the matte black dial with its distinctive sand ripple pattern evokes asphalt on a highway.
  • A red second hand inspired by the image of a redlining tachometer on a car with a high-revving engine.
  • Both watches feature the Fairlady Z logo on the dial, a “Z” mark on the crown, and the NISSAN logo on the case back.
  • Numbers on the dial use the same font as the numbers on the Nissan Z dashboard.